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Mega Man Ultra

Hack of Mega Man 2


This is one of those Mega Man 2 hacks that just has to be played, for one the whole soundtrack is changed! The challenge is very good and all of the graphics has been changed to give this hack some extra flavor. There are graphics from other games too but that’s a surprise. Mega Man fans will get a kick out of this hack as much as everyone else will enjoy it. Infidelity did a really good job with this hack and it shows, so what are you waiting for? Download this hack and get ready for an all new adventure of Mega Man 2. :D

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man 2 (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 5E268761
  • MD5: 8E4BC5B03FFBD4EF91400E92E50DD294
  • SHA-1: 2290D8D839A303219E9327EA1451C5EEA430F53D
  • SHA-256: 49136B412FF61BEAC6E40D0BBCD8691A39A50CD2744FDCDDE3401EED53D71EDF




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Mega Man (2) Ultra - Has NOT passed the test of time!

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 14 Nov 2021

“The past is always something better, but when you come back after a while, you notice mistakes and flaws”. From this dialog we will begin the review of this hack.

I experienced enough difficulties with this hack, but about everything in order. The game is divided into 2 levels of difficulty: DIFFICULT and Unbearable.

I played the “unbearable” difficulty. So I have a clear idea about the hack. Let’s start the review with this element: the GRAPHICS And the structure of the Levels.

The graphics are pretty well matched for a 7 robomaster and the pre-final boss (Boss rush). I especially liked the area where we tried to make a “semblance of an INTRO” - when we were on the roof. And we run on the roofs of high-rise buildings. This is quite unusual. The final Stage of the level - the graphics are very poor… very. The WOODMAN graphics stage is not suitable at all. As well as changed enemies, under Mario’s enemies… It looks ridiculous… But about the enemies later. Ridiculous, and I can say about most of Dr. Wily’s Castle. Graphics from other NES games, (Zelda, Metroid) Does not match… Except for the moon zone. Type us teleported someone and all.

Levels. Here is an ambiguous conclusion. There are stairs that, if you climb too high, you WILL be on the SPIKES, INSTANTLY! Or enemies will shoot down and not rise… (Heat man Stage), somewhere in the level there are too many enemies that terribly blink sprites (Air man), and maybe somewhere and does not blink, but it is impossible to pass WITHOUT damage and without E-Tank at all (Quick man). Other levels are more or less passable… Only the final one - for some reason they put a BIG FISH that will spawn small fish (which were redrawn, but this is later). The funny thing is that you can easily pass and it will not cause any damage, except for these small fish.

Enemies. And I have this question: Why Sniper Joe redrawn as Break man? If you wanted to redraw it correctly, but would have left an eye like all Joes. OH, wrong question. WHY do his bullets take down 1/4 of the health bar in one shot? And the arc shot… Balance, where are you?? Still his tank upsets touch 1/3 your swathe of health and shots 1/4. Enemies, tried to redraw all. The funny thing is that some of the redrawings were appropriate, and some of them were strange. I’m not going to talk about Woodman Stage, it is designed in the style of Mario. I’m talking about the Metroid style. This is strange… Especially strange for the final boss. Small fish-redrawn as skulls… This is freaking scary. Especially when they fill the screen without limit.

Music. You know , we tried OUR best. I heard music from: MM3 Spark man, MM1 Fire-Gustman Remix, MM3 Boss, Music From “Megaman X”, “The Power Robot”… I didn’t recognize any music , but Mario’s and Metroid’s music… Clearly audible. They adjusted the stages, BUT there are places where it is not appropriate. I don’t touch the Metroid and Mario Levels, it’s clear what’s in place. I’m talking about the level of Metal Man. Why The Remix MM1? Why didn’t you leave the original music? The final Level - does not sound at all. It would be better to change it to a different, more Terrible, or no music at all (ost MM3 Spark man Stage). And strange music in Wily castle 1. It’s kind of depressing. Replace it, or instead of the final level.

Some will now ask the question: CAN I Listen to this music? Or is it a terrible cacophony? I answer : the Music is not as bad as it could be. Under MM2 adjusted. It could have been better, but it doesn’t hurt my ears.

    Complexity of the game (IN this HACK):

  • Those first 7 levels (except Quickman) will be pleasant and gradually increasing But quick man - Cruel and Painful! WITHOUT the E-Tank, don’t go in there. (Although, it’s better to take three. One tank will be squeezed out of the level, maybe two. Save the rest for the boss).
  • The first level of the castle - will be normal, moderately normal. And the boss - you’ll be wondering what to do with it for a long time.
  • The second level of the castle - also pass, a little more difficult.
  • The third level in the castle is already quite unpleasant. More enemies, and the boss is almost not killed (then we will write out what and how).
  • The fourth - will give you a rest from the pain that you have created. But the boss is a tin in one place.
  • Fifth - Boss Rush. Easy to pass if you remember every weakness of the enemy. But the Wiley Machine is a big pain. At first it seems simple, and then the second phase, Damn fast and morally killing. But only a BLASTER, really?
  • Final level. At first it will seem empty , at one point there will be a pit that will show you good luck, then a few enemies (fish also count) AND THE most DISHONEST BOSS.
    Now the hottest, which has been waiting for its arrival for a long time. BOSSES.

  • Robomasters. Everyone’s AI was changed. Someone for the better, someone on the contrary. Quick man is the biggest pain. Too fast and almost no Dodge from his attacks. Flash man - Wild spawn of shots. If you are under freezing, consider that you are a corpse, because there are too many shots and it is too fast. The rest destroyed by their weaknesses (with the Exception of Airman. Its weakness and Blaster can be destroyed)
  • The first boss of the castle. Slow, but destroys you with a single touch of the body. Shoots fire. It takes nothing but Bubbles.
  • The second boss of the castle : Thank God that he only changed the AI. And destroyed the same way.
  • Third boss of the castle: Are you SERIOUS? Only the weakness of the Leaf shield?? This is crazy. Such a boss should have two weaknesses, not one… BADLY.
  • The fourth boss and this is ridiculous… Quick Boomerangs against an enemy who is difficult to determine where to hit. Funny. The boomerangs are over, you’ve been killed, and all the E-Tanks have been eaten. GREAT BOSS… Only the original ММ2 bug feature saves you.
  • The fifth boss. The first phase is easy, but the second will force you to use the turbo button… Or calloused fingers. Just A Blaster.
  • The final boss. Redrawn it… Weird. And his attack is a shot similar to WOODMAN’s shield? Are you kidding me??? 1/4 with one touch. THERE is no E-Tank (and if there were, you would have already eaten everything. Yes, and the Bug feature will not save you here), and even-only bubbles??? A mockery of clean water. The shot of such a boss is huge, and we have bubbles that remove only 1 health Unit. I’M SORRY, BUT WHERE’S THE TRUTH??? Oh, Yes, I almost forgot, again turboshot or calluses fingers. And again: Why should this boss’s weakness be at close range? Why for the sake of honesty - metal Blades… For death is automatic when touched by the body 1hit KO

When I sat down at the Famicom console, I thought, “Cool hack, let’s play now.” But after playing this, I was disappointed… And the wild or is not for joy, but for having passed this hack. Bosses - without balance (felt especially at the end of the hack), there are either a lot of Enemies, or in inconvenient hiding places. And Levels - where there are holes - this is a chance to fall into it and that’s it. Imagine a pie. Externally a delicious, inside - SOUR or even non-edible toppings that you need to eat. So same with hack. We worked on it much more, it would have been good, but as it is , it is at the level of: “it Could be worse”, i.e. the hack needs perfection. And in the final boss should not be dishonest… There is no Е-tank and artificial complexity because of this. I though passed, but I will not return for this hack for a long time.

For simple players: I do not RECOMMEND it. For Professionals: At your own risk!

You know, even if the “Difficult” mode only gets a little easier, but it’s a false lightness.

To rename it is necessary to: MEGAMAN ULTRA HARDCORE!

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Ultra alrightMengo22 Nov 20201.0Yes
Mega Man (2) Ultra - Has NOT passed the test of time!diablo66614 Nov 20211.0No
Interesting hackgabrieltondeira04 Mar 20201.0Yes
Mega Man Ultra - OKAYDobu_GM24 Apr 20191.0No
A decent hack that is of a middle of the pack...8.bit.fan06 Apr 20171.0Yes
Megaman - The Ultra TrippingKallisto08 Feb 20171.0Yes
My Honest opinionTimaeus12 Jul 20151.0Yes