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Rock n' Roll Racing Hack v16

Hack of Rock n' Roll Racing


Up to 6 cars in-race, instead of 4. Adding (with kept original): many new cars, 208 new tracks, new planets, graphics, music, objects, weapon, new upgrade types, new characters with new stats.

Increased colors count, and many other graphical and sound improvements: very close to SNES version.

Online multiplayer support for 2-6 players tournament modes, and 2-3 players original mode co-op (with different roms/’fullscreen hack’). New game modes: 1player +1 or +2 allied AI, or 2 players +1 allied AI; new duel.mode.

Fully new very clever AI.

Gameplay improvements, bugfixes, balance tweaks, code optimization.

AudioCD support (SegaCD). Also mp3 and higher-res splitscreen support with special emulator.

Multilanguage: English + Russian + Portuguese.

Documentation and full changelogs is included into archive.

Version16 - 31 Dec 2019.

The reason why I’ve made a patch for alpha-version, because it’s too many changes, different internal structure, and usage of data from some other games.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rock n' Roll Racing - v15_alpha_r7 (Hack).bin (GoodGen 3.21)
  • MD5: 8F0C169B27355AB1F43ECF5CE921C10C
  • SHA1: 56A1DF4B161CABC904B8B33E0AA6562E05605E6D




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Rock On!

Reviewed By: Old_gamer on 19 Feb 2020

One of my favorite games gets the attention it deserves. Interplay made this fun racer in the early 90’s and was a doozy.

This hack is quite awesome. Extra characters, play as the unplayable ones like Roadkill Kelly, Grinder or Rage! New tracks, new worlds, new features and powerups. 4 different modes to try to test your skill as well.

I did find that the A.I. did get a boost, but more so than I thought. On the 2nd tier of difficulty out of 4, the A.I. was quite intelligent and brutal. You will get killed. A lot. The A.I. might be a little too good here. And even has a kill and death counter to boot. Larry still rocks and did well with him announcing the new drivers though sounded odd pronouncing one of them. But overall, good hack with a lot of love put nicely here.

Now if only someone could implement this all into the snes version stat as that is far superior in every way with the best video game soundtracks from the 90’s. The music here is okay something you would expect from the Genesis.

A good link to this for download is on you tube. Try it!

Version 16.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Rock On!Old_gamer19 Feb 202016.0Yes