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Contra Aoi Version

Hack of Contra


“Contra Aoi Version” is a hack of Contra on the NES based on “Revenge of the Red Falcon”. The difficulty level is quite higher than the original game.

The level designs are mixed with some designs from the original game, “Revenge of the Red Falcon”, “Red Falcon War” and some new designs.

Level order was modified, stage 1 is still Jungle, but stage 2 is Snowfield, and stage 3 is…

Enemy AI is not completely the same as “Revenge of the Red Falcon”. The enemy’s bullets are slower than it.Some enemies will shoot like weapon S…

And it allowed you for only 3 attempts to complete all 8 levels.

Weapons are better than the original game except weapon S(Because weapon S is really useful), and L+R is a new weapon type of Laser. However, you cannot keep the weapon to the next stage. So be good at using any weapons to run through every stage…

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Contra (U) [!].nes - GoodNES
  • CRC32: C50A8304
  • MD5: 7BDAD8B4A7A56A634C9649D20BD3011B
  • SHA-1: C9EA66BB7CB30AD5343F1721B1D4D3219859319B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AzStarLevelsAll levels designs and hacking
CZXHackingWeapons and enemies' attributes hacking
CodeNameHackingLevel order adjustment and title hacking
TraxOriginal HackingEnemies' attributes hacking

User Review Information

An impossible hack

Reviewed By: theanhvn on 30 Jun 2022

This hack is so hard that I have to use save state a lot because I died so many time to the almost unavoidable enemies and bullet. The situation really get worse because you are unable to use Konami Code and keep your weapon after beating a stage. Stage 4 and 6 are really a pain without good weapon. I may recommend this hack if it wasn’t for the two issue I have. It’s very impossible to beat with these issue.

Version 1.7 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Too Restrictingzvxr30 Jun 20221.8No
Well done. Very Hard. Worth a play through.RayofJay30 Jun 20221.7Yes
An impossible hacktheanhvn30 Jun 20221.7No