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Hack of Ninja Gaiden


Deadpool is a Ninja Gaiden hack for the NES.

This patch will change nearly every aspect of the original game to convert it on his own adventure.

Think of it as a Ninja Gaiden expansion, it’s an updated game, more stages, more enemies, more weapons, new music, animated backgrounds, parallax scrolling, language selection, title menu and more.

NG is famous for its cutscenes and Deadpool still does maintain those, changed and edited to be a new Deadpool adventure.

You can find secret areas, Easter eggs, and some lovely references here and there.

Here is a Demo video:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Ninja Gaiden (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20180803-121122)
  • File SHA-1: CA513F841D75EFEB33BB8099FB02BEEB39F6BB9C
  • File CRC32: 11F953F6
  • ROM SHA-1: 15F245161179AB1959B7DC20E82ADD024D23AA3D
  • ROM CRC32: 7C4A72D8



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
NiOGraphicsPixel art, stage design, translation.
DANGER XHackingHacking, stage design, translation.
RetroslamMusicMusic, hacking, pixel art, script.
darkmoon2321HackingHacking, coding, music, tools, stage, animation.
so007DesignPixel art, beta test, translation

User Review Information

THIS is more than a hack!

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 26 Jan 2020

I watched this hack for only 2 years, but even the BETA version-already showed its coolness. Now this is the final version. And what can you say about the hack? Well, let’s break 4 walls, take CHIMICHANGAS, a DEADPOOL doll and see from all sides what and how it is played?

1. History changes. Although the original “graphic” inserts from the Ninja Gaiden are taken, they are redrawn so qualitatively that there are no quibbles. As if that were true.

2. The main engine of the game. The basis is rewritten. Now the character can climb directly on the platform, rather than as it was in the original.

3. Levels and graphics. High-quality drawn graphics. It is clearly clear how and where you can go or get up. In levels-there are no dishonest PITS, which is good. Complexity does not jump sharply. It is gradually becoming more complicated.

4. Character abilities. Have this Character - MUCH of abilities - new. Teleport, various weapons, long sword (as in 3 parts). From the old ones-a killer Spinner and a temporary shield (here it is made as a meat shield for dogs). However, new and old-well combined!

5. The character himself. Redrawn qualitatively. In different stages - other animations of its ” inactivity”

6. Game menu. It contains “start game”, “settings”, “Boss rush” and “Continue” (the “Boss rush” and “continue” items are opened from other actions). You can change the difficulty of the game and change the language (for dialogs and menu items). There are 4 languages in the game. (wanted the 5th, but the Russian does not fit, for some reason… sorry). A variety of languages - I have only seen in GBA games, which is interesting enough

7. Bosses. There are main bosses, which in the story, there is also a secret boss. Main bosses-remaking the AI of old bosses in a new way. But there are also new bosses or ” taken from 3 parts”. Honestly, they are qualitatively redrawn, qualitatively changed and old bosses, and new bosses fit well. No discomfort from this game. Secret boss is just written from scratch. Be careful with it

8. New in-game dashboard. What’s new in the player panel: 1. The character icon. Emotions show that he is in pain, he looks at his health (breakage of 4 walls, Yes) and calm. 2. Counter of killed enemies. Destroyed the enemy, he added. 3. Regeneration time. This shows how long it will take to improve our health. It gets lost if the enemy or boss touches us.

9. Adding “in-game statistics”. At the end of the game-it shows how many were in the game, enemies killed, deaths and our RANK

10. Features of the game. There is it in changing the wind, releasing lightning by the enemy, quicksand, destructible platforms, the level of “escape” and more… what was not previously in the original

11. Music. There are remixes of games, there are also from other movies or self-written. It goes well together

12. Secrets and Easter eggs. There are alternative paths and other rooms. There are other modes. And Easter eggs - so car and a small truck.

13. A lot of familiar characters and a special MIX. There are characters from games, various comics, movies. They represent either as enemies or as bosses.

The game takes the original and completely changes it, so it seems that nothing remains of it. Hint that this is a hack-if you look closely at Ninja Gaiden 1 and this game. “title story” - only gives out. And so - it is original, interesting and unpredictable. It’s a nice place to spend time. It feels different than playing the original Ninja Gaiden 1. I spent a lot of time to fully study this hack. It amazes me how much is invested in this project. And at the exit-to give a MIRACLE of MIRACLES.

Maybe someone will notice some problems, but they overlap and you don’t notice it. You are immersed in this game.

Conclusion: Another hack that may seem more than just a hack. THIS IS A NEW GAME.

Status: Recommended and “NEW GAME”

Version 140.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Still space for improvementszabo19 Feb 2022140.0Yes
A template for future Ninja Gaiden hacksRendood24 Jun 2021140.0Yes
Never mind a hack. This is a brand new game!Eldrethor02 Apr 2020140.0Yes
A MasterpiecePolishedTurd02 Apr 2020140.0Yes
Such an great job! Couldn't recommend it more!scorpion2303 Jun 2020140.0Yes
Good but not perfect.ActionHenk14 Feb 2020140.0Yes
THIS is more than a hack!diablo66626 Jan 2020140.0Yes
Best Hack I've Seen In AgesMorinis28 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Amazing Ninja Gaiden hackmariokarthero26 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Tech(moon) Gon' Give it to Ya!eskayelle20 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Excelsior!CryinOnion19 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Worth the Long Wait!Ziko12 Oct 2019140.0Yes