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Panic Restaurant

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

This here is the Japanese version of Panic Restaurant. There’s a lot of differences, mostly the fact that they changed that freaky chef kid into some freaky old chef man. WHY? Taito also made the game harder for the U.S. release, changing around where items go, and removing some altogether. Fortunately Toma is here to translate the original, lovable Japanese version for us all. It’s really fun, but how can whacking various edible sentient objects with your head NOT be fun? What can I say, it’s just a nice silly fun platformer that everyone needs to find and play. Oh, and there’s a funky bonus game where you catch fish. It’s neat!

Translation Description:

This is a complete translation for Chef Cookie in Gourmet World.

This patch requires a headered ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World (J).nes (with Header)
  • MD5: 29DA48E6A9BEF7131233CEC0EEB43A01
  • SHA-1: 7124B65B810A4E817B9401AA08CD7E8C5CB3029E
  • Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World (Japan).nes (Headerless)
  • CRC32: D568563F
  • MD5: B13B88BA50653822B399C8B8A1C40496
  • SHA1: 7C4B3149DB2E5CFF729B17B46B6E9719DF5B8A76


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Paul JensenTranslationMain Translation, Misc Translation Support
RyusuiTranslationAdditional Translation Support
sin_batsuGraphicsTitle Screen Design
DvDHackingAdditional Title Screen Design & Hacking

User Review Information

Teenage Cookie is still creepy, but this is WAY better.

Reviewed By: Mr. Pennington on 06 Jan 2020

I love Panic Restaurant. (I spent way too much MONEY on Panic Restaurant.) I never played much of the Famicom version, because it seemed to be the same exact thing except with a creepy, bug-eyed kid as the protagonist. Not so! There isn’t much dialogue in the game, but what’s there is now WAY more in line with the game’s lighthearted, comedic tone, and Ohdove (the dumbest villain name ever) finally has his correct name. There’s also a charming end credits sequence which I didn’t know existed. It’s a much more satisfying capper than simply, “The End.”

There was always something just slightly off and clunky about the gameplay in Panic. Here, there’s a subtle difference which feels more natural. This version just all around makes clearer what the developers were going for. The only shame is that I don’t have the option to retain the international title and play as old Cookie. I don’t fault the makers of the hack for that, as the stated goal was to simply translate the Famicom version, and they’ve done a fantastic job. Hopefully, one of these days, someone will make a version which replaces Creepy Teenage Cookie with Mario’s Dad Cookie and all his respective animations, brings back the default frying pan weapon (which makes more sense than a head-butt), and renames it “Panic Restaurant.” I think all of those changes were for the better, and if applied to the Famicom version with this perfect translation, we’d have a flawless game.

Version 1.01 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Teenage Cookie is still creepy, but this is WAY better.Mr. Pennington06 Jan 20201.01Yes