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Comix Zone - Calcium kid edition

Hack of Comix Zone


It’s been 26 long years since sketch turner got caught up in his own comic, being forced to face powerful creatures, defiant puzzles and solid rocks… yes, solid rocks and barrels and other adamantium objects that deprive sketch the right to live with its imposing hardness!!!, but now, thanks to its strict training and diet based on dairy products, Sketch Turner (better known now as “The Calcium Kid”), has developed large and strong bones capable of shattering any obstacle that stands between him and the final page, without receiving a single scratch. Likewise, the excessive consumption of dairy products has caused the metabolism of Sketch to take advantage of 100% the nutrients of a refreshing glass of milk, thus fully healed after each drink. Now that you’ve grown big and strong like Melvin the elephant, do you think you can defeat Mordus and his filthy henchmen and return to the real world leaving behind an incredible life of super hero and return to be a hungry loser comix artist?

(In other words), Improvements of this version:

  • The objects no longer reduce the health of the Sketch when he attacks them with any type of blow or kick.
  • The “milk bottles” completely heal Sketch.
  • Sketch Turner is now “The Calcium Kid”

Get fun!!!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Comix Zone (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130710-102701)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: E8747EEFDF61172BE9DA8787BA5BE447EC73180F




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

This is just a couple Game Genie codes applied with GGGuy.exe and awful script changes

Reviewed By: user8844 on 21 Dec 2019

Like other Vikfield “hacks”, this is just a couple of Game Genie codes that have been applied to the ROM using GGGuy.exe. Why Ice Tea was made to look like Milk for this patch, I have no idea. The script changes are unnecessary and not amusing, they were achieved by opening up the ROM in a hex editor and changing each letter from random phrases in the game, so in the original game a line of text would be, “ROADKILL, BUDDY!” but in this it’s, “CHOCOMILK BUDDY!” and lines like, “NICE KNOWING YOU, SKETCH TURNER!” become, “NICE KNOWING YOU, CALCIUM KID!!!” complete with the redundant exclamation marks to fill the space. There are several needless edits to the script and credits, they can be pasted over with the text from the original ROM, but why bother when it’s quick and easy to add your own choice of cheats to the game.

The codes that were applied can be found on AJDV-4A4L No damage from attacking solid objects 963B-4JAC Ice Tea fully heals player

You’re far better off just using GGGuy - Kyle’s Game Genie Guy! - to apply whichever Game Genie codes you like than bothering with this patch. Codes can be found at

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
This is just a couple Game Genie codes applied with GGGuy.exe and awful script changesuser884421 Dec 20191.0No
helpful Quality of Life hack, but why the joke?vonseux13 Oct 20191.0Yes