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Zelda's Birthday

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


This is a hack for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (MQ) Debug ROM.

It features all new actor arrangements, all new text and story line, 3 totally redesigned dungeons, an optional side quest, endings(plural), and hidden goodies.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (USA) (Debug Edition).n64
  • CRC32: 2EE3E247
  • MD5: DDE376D47187B931820D5B2957CDED14
  • SHA-1: 973BC6FE56010A8D646166A1182A81B4F13B8CF9
  • SHA-256: 554D5BD122889A5FE51A84355124F24A134A5050C49FAB37468D2165DE2917E6




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Zelda's stolen gifts

Reviewed By: ViolentForce on 18 Dec 2019

Spoilers Ahead:

So you start in Kakariko, after beating Ganon and starting off child Link again to save Zelda’s stolen gifts, You go to Kokiri Forest and go into the lost woods and get your sword to retrieve one of Zelda’s stolen gifts givin from Saria.

Level 1 was a nice montage of a Zelda I like type level, but if you didn’t come prepared with sticks you’d have to leave and go back to get some, the big block puzzle you had to solve before the boss was a bit to much but rewarding after done

Wasn’t a fan of the frozen cave in lake hylia, having to race Dampe to get the blue fire to melt the red ice, and if you wanted to go back inside the cave after leaving you had to go back to Dampe and get more blue fire, which I had to do to get some extra heart pieces.

Oh man, The Bottom of the Well and the Hell song which is song of storms just wouldn’t light up for me, I like the little change arounds he did in this maze of BOTW, and liked the fact you got to use the Megaton Hammer as kid Link and fight Volvagia with it as the ending boss. But not til the Final when you got to fight Ganon as child Link

Was fun finding the heart containers in the overworld of places, and you knew killing all the enemies on screen in the overworld would give you a nice reward I think I 100% but not sure, and the nice adds he added from Majoras Mask into this, (Ocean skulltula house)

Some of the story dialogue didn’t make sense, but wasn’t that really important to me. Nice 3 dungeon to play in, and there’s 4 different endings and I managed to find them all because this was nicely done and wanted to keep playing. It was well done hack for 2008 for Ocarina of Times 10th anniversary back in the day and can’t believe I didn’t play it til recently, really enjoyed playing it.


Version 1.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Zelda's stolen giftsViolentForce18 Dec 20191.5Yes
Great Hack- One of the bestIllumiNavi20 Jul 2014N/AYes
Fun Hack - Some spoilers aheadrasengan014 Mar 2013N/AYes