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Zelda II - Part 3

Hack of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


This is my second Zelda II hack, and just like the first, it is a whole new adventure!


ROM / ISO Information:

  • Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (U) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: E3C788B0
  • MD5: 764D36FA8A2450834DA5E8194281035A
  • SHA-1: 353489A57F24A429572E76BD455BC51D821F7036
  • SHA-256: AD8C0FBCF092BF84B48E69FD3964EEA4ED91BFE62ABC352943D537979782680C




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User Review Information

Not for everybody

Reviewed By: ViolentForce on 13 Dec 2019

So after giving part II a try, I thought i’d try part 3 a try and maybe like it more, but No… I didn’t

I’m not the type of person that never liked Zelda II and would try a rom before beating the original, I will say this game Is more difficult than Part II of the_icepeguns hack, but once again, just not for me You start off with 1 Health bar, and 2 magic bars (Why?) lower enemies give you no XP for killing them, even though are start you off low XP and work your way up, you can’t grind enemies and get any points unless you get a P-bag they drop. It’s not fun having to hit the same enemy 10x just to kill ot and get not XP for it. One hit KO’s is not something you should add to your game. I did once again make it through half way of the game before calling it quits, nobody likes to make it half way through a map and getting to a temple just to die and start again from the beginning. But I will give him credit for making new overworld and new temple designs

Like from Part II, I wish there was a Easy version to try, I think the_icepenguin learned from his mistakes from Part II & III, that these 2 hacks aren’t for everybody, but at least he made up for it later from his later hacks “Shadow of Night” & “Journey of a Day” by adding easy versions so that not Die-hard players could try it


Version 1.9 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Not for everybodyViolentForce13 Dec 20191.9No
1 hit killshdofu07 Mar 20181.9No
This isn't for everyoneshurpie05 Apr 2013N/ANo
Beautiful New QuestDrag0nwind05 Feb 2013N/AYes