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Super Turrican Plus

Hack of Super Turrican


This hack fixes the problems with the scroll when you walk, simplifies the controls, change the sprite of Turrican, and a few other little improvements to make the game more enjoyable.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Turrican (E).nes
  • ROM CRC32: 88C30FDA
  • ROM MD5: EAF108F829CF64FFA7f944E5AE420676
  • SHA-1: 33487D9A013F81F434323960203E564434F8D2F8




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
the jabuHacking

User Review Information

A massive improvement, BUT here are a few suggestions

Reviewed By: LoggoGR on 08 Dec 2019

This fantastic hack is, BY FAR, the best way to experience Super Turrican on the NES. Simply put, this makes the original version obsolete.

With that being said, I would advice the author of this hack to make the following changes in the control scheme to improve the playability even further:

1) Round Shot = UP + FIRE BUTTON (beam begins instantaneously, no need to wait by holding the fire button. This always bothered me in classic Turrican. Also, make the laser begin from shooting upwards, not forward).

2) Wheel Mode = DOWN + JUMP BUTTON

3) Energy Lines = Select

4) Invincible Mode = Up + JUMP BUTTON

5) Pause = Start

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A massive improvement, BUT here are a few suggestionsLoggoGR08 Dec 20191.3Yes
Welcome to Turrican version +Lutherian01 Dec 20191.3Yes
Thank you!Hiro X03 Sep 20181.3Yes
Transforms the gameZComstock09 Jan 20171.3Yes