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The Ninja Warriors MSU-1

Hack of The Ninja Warriors


This patch uses the MSU-1 to provide the high quality arranged soundtrack from the recent remake (Ninja Saviors / Ninja Warriors Once Again), as well as options to use in-game tracks from the original arcade game or their respective arrangements from the Mega-CD port.

The track ordering for the Arcade and Mega-CD music options is based on the arcade music option from Ninja Saviors.

Download the PCM files here:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ninjawarriors (USA).sfc
  • MD5 before: a8711c9185c7a6c52b863567b188ce1e
  • MD5 after: 3d2bf0696342a31e50f1d81de49721f8



RHDN Hack Image


User Review Information

Really great

Reviewed By: Polargames on 26 Nov 2019

I have played this hack and boy it sounds awesome. It really gives the game a breath of fresh air. This patch and the other patch were it puts the blood back in the game makes it whole. Must have. :-)

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Really greatPolargames26 Nov 20191.0Yes