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Castlevania: Dawn of Dio

Hack of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow


If you intend on playing this, please wait until version 2.0 is released. The current version on this site is outdated, and does not represent what 2.0 will be like.

A Unique hack using elements of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Castlevania, and more.

Please, consider looking at my Twitter Account to see progress updates.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow (USA).nds
  • MD5: CC0F25B8783FB83CB4588D1C111BDC18
  • SHA-1: 47530FF87E608F88105A314FDF36DC385F8DEC94
  • CRC32: 135737F6




User Review Information

Amazing Hack! But minor issues...

Reviewed By: HippoPilot on 24 Nov 2019

Overall an excellent hack with forseeable improvement. Note that I’ve used the no touch screen and luck patch (they’re fine unlike definitive as noted) so some stuff I mention may be because of those. Also note I haven’t beaten the game yet but I can’t wait for when I can stop time!

There needs to be character portraits updated so that I don’t see Belmont and Cruz’s faces in cutscenes when playing as Jotato and Dio, the “Story Crap” menu and screens are a bit buggy and need a clean up also. The added jokes are hilarious and the menacing stance when holding up made me cry years of joy. I can’t wait to see what you do next but I would like to suggest something. Change Jotaro mode to JoJo mode. Since you can’t use stands as Jotaro it doesn’t make sense so instead you should play as Jonathan to keep that vampire killing vibe. And might I also suggest changing the sprites of the cross weapon to be Joseph’s Clackers? Also adding another set of “menacing” to the ready item stance for JoJo would be sweet. Its a lot to ask but I really like this hack and want it to be even better than it already is. Arrivederci!

Edit: I suggest Graham be Yoshikage Kira since he looks a lot like him.

Version 1.9 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The crossover we never got...Cyiatic16 May 20211.9Yes
Amazing Hack! But minor issues...HippoPilot24 Nov 20191.9Yes
Excellent but...Cooligno263112 Nov 20191.9Yes