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Mega Man 3 Revamped

Hack of Mega Man 3


Three years ago, a hack of Mega Man 3 called “Mega Man 3 Ultimate” was released by romhacker TheSkipper1995. It was meant to be a relatively simple hack built on top of KujaKiller’s “Mega Man 3 Improvement”, rebalancing some of the game’s level design and difficulty curve. At the time, the hack was considered satisfactory if a bit conservative in its changes to the base game.

Early this year, at the behest of fellow romhacker DangerDoodle, TheSkipper1995 was convinced to continue work on Mega Man 3 Ultimate with some simple graphical updates. Over the next several months, however, with the programming assistance of KujaKiller, DurfarC, and MartsINY, the project grew into something far more substantial than Mega Man 3 Ultimate. This is “Mega Man 3 Revamped!”

Mega Man 3 Revamped’s purpose is to be a highly polished and streamlined version of Mega Man 3 for people who may not have liked the original game due to its rushed, unpolished development.

Changes Include:

  • Liberal changes to level design to make more interesting and engaging use of enemies, hazards, and stage gimmicks; most notably longer Dr. Wily stages with over 40 screens of additional, challenging content!
  • Improved utility to Hard Knuckle which can be aimed much faster, Needle Cannon which has a much faster auto-fire rate, and Gemini Laser which doubles its speed after ricocheting once!
  • Significant added graphical detail to many stages and cutscenes including Top Man, Hard Man, Snake Man, Gemini Man, and Spark Man!
  • Additional fixes to several stray bugs that went unnoticed in Mega Man 3 Improvement!
  • A restructured story line that keeps Break Man’s secret hidden until the final act!
  • Changes to boss hitboxes and a.i. to be both less frustrating and more challenging!

Version 1.1 Update:

  • Updated bug fixes from Kuja Killer’s latest Improvement patch version 2.2.2
  • Very minor tweaks to level design and damage value balancing based on feedback.
  • Minor hitbox adjustments.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Mega Man 3 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: 53197445E137E47A73FD4876B87E288ED0FED5C6
  • ROM SHA-1: 6780B3FCC547C013EE45AFAC6BB30C6FC6D8B46E
  • File MD5: 75B924155CAFEE335C9EA7A01BFC8EFB
  • File CRC32: 452D8089
  • ROM MD5: 4A53B6F58067D62C9A43404FE835DD5C
  • ROM CRC32: 603AAA57




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
kuja killerHacking

User Review Information

A fun twist on an old favourite

Reviewed By: G30FF on 28 Feb 2021

I was never one of the people who felt that the original game needed much in the way of level design tweaks. But after playing this a few times, it’s hard to go back to vanilla MM3 and not notice how lacking the level design can be at points. Level gimmicks appear once and never are seen again. Things like the giant tops in Top Man stage, and the Mag Flies in Magnet Man stage especially. There are a couple of large stretches of nothing happening. The Wily Stages are really short.

The changes made here are absolutely to the benefit of the game, and newly designed stages are a treat to play through. They strike the right balance between challenge and teachable moments, while still being familiar. The new Wily Castle stages in particular include some genuinely clever sections that gave me some real “aha!” moments when I figured them out.

A couple of notes:

  • It would be nice if there were an option to revert the boss music change in Wily Castle 4, so that the boss music plays during the refights as in vanilla MM3 and the rest of the series. An optional patch, or something editable via hex editor, for example. Not a big deal, and the change is growing on me.
  • The row of blocks on the bottom of the stage select/password screen is a little out of place. I removed it myself in MegaFLEX on my copy of the this hack and it looks much better in my opinion, more like the select screens in Mega Man 4-6.
  • It’s a little odd to see Break Man appear in Gemini Man’s stage, and then see his helmet flash to put the Break Man helmet back on. Minor nitpick.
  • The Pole Eggs in Gemini Man’s stage are now missing the animation frames that were introduced in base MM3 Improvement.

I definitely recommend this hack as an excellent level design hack. A lot of work has gone into every aspect of it, and it shows. I’m not sure yet whether it’ll replace vanilla MM3 for me, but time will tell.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A fresh look at MM3diablo66621 Dec 20191.1Yes
Fantastic Version - Detailed Breakdownslider13 Nov 20191.0Yes
A wonderful edition!NARFNra07 Nov 20191.0Yes
A fun twist on an old favouriteG30FF28 Feb 20211.1Yes