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The Legend of Zelda: Third Quest

Hack of BS Zelda no Densetsu


This is the LOZ - Third Quest (complete) patch, which purpose is to transform BS Zelda into an old fashion Legend of Zelda game.

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A Great Hack

Reviewed By: PowerPanda on 31 Oct 2019

I recently reviewed the “Fourth Quest” hack for BS Zelda Map 2, and as far as hacking goes, this one is still just as impressive. The BS Zelda team has taken a streamed event and made it into a standard Zelda game. It plays great from start to finish. There are a few items that don’t save to SRAM (Meat and the Magical Key are the ones I noticed), but if you use savestates, everything is fine.

When I played 4th quest, I used Zelda as my main character, and the spritework was great. This time, I played as Link, and the sprites are just… bad. My eyes never adjusted to it, and it was a distraction the whole time. I may look into doing a graphics hack addendum.

So should you play “Third Quest” or “Fourth Quest”? It depends on what you’re looking for. Third Quest has an overworld that sticks much closer to the original LoZ, and its dungeons are far better. Fourth Quest has an overworld that feels a lot fresher, but the dungeons are rather linear. For me, I’d play Fourth Quest, but I could see people preferring Third Quest.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A Great HackPowerPanda31 Oct 20191.0Yes