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Castlevania 3 - Linear Version

Hack of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse


This hack changes the order of the levels so that you can play every level without missing one.

It also speeds up some of the animations so that you can spend more time playing and less time watching.

It also fixes some minor graphical errors in some of the sprites.

Includes patches for (U) version and (J) (Akumajou Densetsu) version.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania 3.nes
  • File MD5: D16A502D0125F23CC3D980DDC6B6F2E8
  • File SHA-1: F91281D5D9CC26BCF6FB4DE2F5BE086BC633D49B
  • File CRC32: 7CC9C669
  • ROM MD5: BFC4D9791D9FE9C181DAD794D66DEF4F
  • ROM SHA-1: 23C4DAFCC17FA75E8D682931702277659CD59735
  • ROM CRC32: ED2465BE
  • Akumajou Densetsu.nes
  • File MD5: 91FA26986B6C07C39FADBFAC61ADABD6
  • File SHA-1: A0F3B31D4E3B0D2CA2E8A34F91F14AD99A5AD11F
  • File CRC32: 2E93CE72
  • ROM MD5: 75DBDF8D0DE9B472EED5065BC0FE4129
  • ROM SHA-1: BEB7E005BCBAC031CE61613FA47DF24AD151E9AB
  • ROM CRC32: E349AF38




User Review Information

Refreshing – be careful with passwords

Reviewed By: thunder135 on 26 Oct 2019

This is a blast to play through. It is really satisfying to sit down and play every level in the game without having to repeat some of the earlier levels every time. I highly recommend this if you have played through the game several times already and are looking for something new. For your first play of Castlevania III, I would still recommend the vanilla game.

It made me realize there were a few levels I rarely got to play during a normal playthrough, such as level 5-7 (right after Alucard, avoiding the sunken city). Also, you get to meet all three characters on one sitting!

While I applaud the speed-up changes to the character change and door transition, I do wish they were optional. Personally, I love the sound effect of the vanilla character change so an option to have just the linear game without those extras would be nice.

Passwords work just as they do on the vanilla game. However, if you are playing the Japanese version be warned that the Japanese game will not allow you to use a password with an impossible character-level combination (this is a quirk of the vanilla game, nothing to do with the hack). For example, no password will get you to first quest level 6-1 (very bottom of castle) with Sypha. I recorded my own password and it would not work. I confirmed it was correct with a password generator, and I even tried one on gamefaqs. Note that the special names to start on level 1 with a character do not work on the Japanese version, so it is literally impossible to have Sypha on first quest level 6-1 without cheats or glitches in the vanilla game. So use save states to avoid this or use a no-character password.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Refreshing – be careful with passwordsthunder13526 Oct 20191.0Yes
It Is A Welcome Change!Morinis24 Oct 20191.0Yes
AwesomeTheGershon19 Oct 20191.0Yes