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Super Nintendo

Game Description:

ActRaiser is an action adventure game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

Shame on you if you’ve never played Actraiser before! This version, other than having an amazingly badass logo, is actually a lot harder than the US release of the game. Even in Fillmore 1, there are more brambles, more monsters, more everything. It’s crazy great. Ian Kelley wanted to retranslate the game, so here it is! Far be it from me to deprive one of my star translators from an awesome request or two!

If you’ve never played it, now’s your chance. The translation is complete and, to my knowledge, bug-free. Enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Actraiser (Japan).sfc (No-Intro 2016-01-12)
  • Size: 1048576
  • CRC32: bee9b30c
  • MD5: 3cb1a7ae9fd34a56015f752fd138070e
  • SHA1: f031fc983a2eed4d69e223b256ece5f037fb5d5d


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Gideon ZhiHackingProject leader, ROM hacker, translator
Ian KelleyTranslation

User Review Information

Some areas are a bit buggy, but overall 100% RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed By: Apocalypse612 on 18 Oct 2019

First off, I just played through this game and documented all of the minor errors I found in the script. There’s about 5 or 6 very minor ones.

There’s also a few scenarios, like when you level up or take an offering, where the text is in the wrong position of the chat box by a few pixels on each side, and the text trails off the screen. Again, not that big of a deal.

Now the meat and potatoes. I don’t speak Japanese, but this translation seemed VERY well done! It looks like the translator really went the extra mile to make this top notch. I’d HIGHLY suggest anyone who loves the US version to PLAY THIS VERSION!

See how ActRaiser was TRULY meant to be played!

P.S. You’ll probably get your butt kicked in “Special” mode in this version, too! Way more challenging, folks, but way better too!

Version 1.00 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Some areas are a bit buggy, but overall 100% RECOMMENDED!Apocalypse61218 Oct 20191.00Yes
Just play this version!GhaleonUnlimited27 May 20191.00Yes