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Ghostbusters Remastered (The Real)

Hack of Ghostbusters


This is a complete modification of the US version of Ghostbusters on the NES.

  • Overhauled graphics (99% original. Character sprites and Slimer adapted from The New Ghostbusters 2 on the Famicom).
  • Doubled performance on many sections of the game.
  • Much improved gameplay/controls everywhere.
  • Heavily rebalanced game design.
  • Countless bugs fixed.

The Mapper has been modified from 3 to 66 and rom was expanded by 32000 bytes to accommodate the new voice.

New in version 1.1:

  • Added cheat code for easy mode (start with $10k) and easy mode ending. A+B+Start at the title or lyrics screen. A sound cue replaces the Ghostbusters yell, confirming it.
  • Added visual feedback for PKE penalty when a ghost enters the Zuul building.
  • Updated title screen to include “The Real”, “Visit” and version number.
  • Code for building infection completely rewritten for stability, reliability and balance.
  • Fixed correlation of blinking buildings and buildings that contain ghosts (buildings used to secretly have ghosts and not blink).
  • Slightly reduced ghost speed on higher PKE levels.
  • Can’t enter Zuul building just by reaching 9000+ PKE anymore.
  • Fixed fuel barrel hitbox.
  • Better car control.
  • Slightly increased sound generator efficiency.
  • Faster parking on GBHQ.
  • Marshmallow Man’s animation speed increased when destroying buildings.
  • Fixed sign graphics for floor 16.
  • Ghosts inside Zuul move a lot faster towards food now.
  • Fixed bug where you could “enter” a road, loading to the gas station.
  • Proper graphics for destroyed buildings after coming back to the city map from another scene.
  • City buildings color coded: purple buildings (non destroyed) can be infected.
  • Some items are now fully refundable.
  • Added “REFUND” subtitle under respective items.
  • Fixed the bug where the game would pause when holding the B button on the map. The unexpected pause looked like a crash.
  • Fixed HUD glitch when reaching the top of Zuul Building.
  • Can no longer enter empty or destroyed buildings.
  • Fixed bug where it wouldn’t refuel at the gas station if on zero cash.

Known problems:

  • After laying the ghost food ghosts will move for a little while before being attracted to it.
  • When capturing ghosts on the road section, if the player runs out of gas the captured ghosts will respawn on the map screen.
  • On the road section sometimes ghosts or bonus money sprites can get stuck while parking.
  • The HUD will not update when a gameover is reached or when scrolling messages. Gameover will trigger on 9999 PKE as normal, though it may not display the updated value in those cases.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Ghostbusters (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: C2FAE32AC6C49DA99CD779BADBB64825E35D4C2F
  • ROM SHA-1: F411C7903452C9470C8BF73FED334C485F14A8E4




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
MacBeeGraphicsTitle Screen Graphics

User Review Information

Pretty but extremely hard to start off with

Reviewed By: exodous on 14 Oct 2019

So I owned the NES game growing up and beat it twice and vividly remember the both times, huge accomplishments. The first time it was my brother and I switching back and fourth, great memories, and the second time it was solo. I always thought the game was really hard and I think I only passed it because it was one of the few NES games we owned. The graphics were also lacking and the climb to Zuul was brutal and had to be done with a NES Max controller.

Really I can only judge this remake off of the drive to the shop, gas station, and base as I can’t get enough money for the beam before the game ends. You start off with no money, in the un-hacked version you start off with $10,000, enough to buy the capture beam($3000) so you can start busting ghosts(the main part of the game) right away. To earn money in the remake you need to get a Ghost Vacuum, which is free and suck up ghosts on the road for $400 a pop. The basic beam in the remake is also $3000, so that is like 8 ghosts. The drive the Headquarters has no ghosts, or I have never gotten any on 4 tries of the game, as the drive to the shop. So, the only way to find Ghosts to make money is drive to the Gas Station, and most the time there is one ghost on the way and sometimes none. However, you can’t just keep driving to the Gas Station over and over again because the second time you drive there it is instant, like you’re already there. So you need to drive the the gas station, get one ghost on the way, then drive to the shop, no ghosts on the way, and then just leave, then drive back to the gas station for one ghost and repeat that until you got 8 ghosts to get enough money to buy the basic beam. By this time the State Puff Marshmallow Man has destroyed nearly all the buildings which doesn’t matter because it is game over anyway.

The funnest part of the un-hacked game(besides beating it) was busting ghosts. The un-hacked version you get a beam with one drive, to the shop, and then you can start the meat and potatoes of the game. This one takes FOREVER to get to that point and by that time the game is over anyway.

Maybe I’m missing something, like there is an Olive Garden to give blowjobs in the bathroom for money but I can’t find it. I really thought I downloaded a broken IPS patch here and went directly to to get the patch there but it is the same.

It has to be easier that what I’m making it out to be because I watched a few reviews on youtube and they have footage of every part of the game. I really hope someone makes a new review of this remake calling me an idiot and explains what I’m doing wrong because I want to love this hack because I have such fond memories of the original and a face-lift sounds great. In fact if I find out what I’m doing wrong I’ll come back and put a EDIT at that top, probably praising the game, but leave this intact.

With all they hype this is getting on youtube, like I said, I can’t be playing it correctly. Unless there are some game genie codes they used to get the beams right away so they could make their review video faster I’m playing this game wrong. I honestly think I’m one of a handful of people that has passed the un-hacked game, or at least judging from peoples thoughts on the game. It was difficult but not Deadly Towers difficult. . .

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Excellent improvements to version 1.1 Mode easy!edwinmusic17 Oct 20191.1Yes
Bustin' Feels Good Again.moonmaster116 Oct 20191.1Yes
Pretty but extremely hard to start off withexodous14 Oct 20191.0No