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Hack of Ninja Gaiden


Deadpool is a Ninja Gaiden hack for the NES.

This patch will change nearly every aspect of the original game to convert it on his own adventure.

Think of it as a Ninja Gaiden expansion, it’s an updated game, more stages, more enemies, more weapons, new music, animated backgrounds, parallax scrolling, language selection, title menu and more.

NG is famous for its cutscenes and Deadpool still does maintain those, changed and edited to be a new Deadpool adventure.

You can find secret areas, Easter eggs, and some lovely references here and there.

Here is a Demo video:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ninja Gaiden.nes
  • CRC32: 9E1D4034
  • MD5: D36F168E968C8B6ECA738F7F41525070
  • SHA-1: 36948370BC0498A6CFF41D94F2D6A9A5ABF2E518




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
NiOGraphicsPixel art, stage design, translation.
DANGER XHackingHacking, stage design, translation.
RetroslamMusicMusic, hacking, pixel art, script.
darkmoon2321HackingHacking, coding, music, tools, stage, animation.
SorinkunDesignPixel art, beta test, translation

User Review Information

Worth the Long Wait!

Reviewed By: Ziko on 12 Oct 2019

Today was a great day playing this long awaited Deadpool hack as I’m a fan of the character as well as the Ninja Gaiden series. The team took their time with this one and it shows as it’s one of the best hacks if not the only one out there.

Everything feels different, it looks nice, and the soundtrack was far better than when the demo was released before. In fact, I was taken aback when I heard an 8 bit rendition of X Gon’ Give it to Ya! In terms of the gameplay, the game has been polished in that all powerups are accessible from the start and are all great. The only gripe is that I wish I had the machine gun as the main shot weapon instead of a pistol as sure the pistol’s fine but the range in limited.

The boss fights even felt different and not just simple palette swaps either. I felt that they were challenging but not too annoying. The final fight was still tough as it felt like I was fighting myself but I see that they took the criticism of it to heart as he doesn’t regen health anymore unlike in the demo. Also, it didn’t make much sense to the character’s skill set anyway. I won’t spoil it but it’s a bit of a foregone conclusion as to who he is.

Another thing is that the detail to the Marvel characters and even DC characters are so accurate given the NES limited capabilities but man, I was so impressed seeing Batman as a mook or even lesser known characters getting some love. Overall, this game is one of the best I’ve played all year.

Version 140.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Best Hack I've Seen In AgesMorinis29 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Amazing Ninja Gaiden hackmariokarthero27 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Tech(moon) Gon' Give it to Ya!eskayelle20 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Excelsior!CryinOnion19 Oct 2019140.0Yes
Worth the Long Wait!Ziko12 Oct 2019140.0Yes