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Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions Tweak

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions


This is a quality-of-life improvement mod for Final Fantasy Tactics - The War of the Lions designed to make the game more fun and less annoying to play. Though there are many changes, each is relatively small, ensuring that the core experience still “feels” like the same game that we all know and love.

Major features include:

  • PSP spell effects slowdown fix
  • Controllable “Guest” characters
  • JP Boost always in effect
  • Treasure Hunter always in effect and always finds the rare item
  • No missable items or spells
  • Multiplayer items are obtainable in the campaign
  • Optional Feature: Only fight random battles when you want to
  • Optional Feature: No random battle level scaling
  • Quicker spellcasting speeds
  • Spellcasting quotes reimplemented
  • Endgame job prerequisites reduced

…and much more! Please consult the readme file for all the details!

Note: v2.01 fixes a rare but nasty bug that could lock you out of the chapter 4 side quests! If you downloaded v2.00, please download the latest version (your save file will be compatible).

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Use only on an unmodified US version ISO file!
  • Serial Number: ULUS-10297
  • MD5: 18d1169cefed2d5ed77a599694f2f871
  • SHA1: 5120ff66f78cfd31f6e90d8ef4be8200eca563f7
  • CRC32: 0d6a3d9f




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User Review Information

Makes the game overall more enjoyable.

Reviewed By: TheChristoph on 31 Aug 2019

I’m not one for difficulty hacks. I don’t want to be beaten up by a game anymore. Since a lot of ‘balance’ or ‘challenge’ hacks make a game harder to get through and, IMO, way less fun, I haven’t waded too deeply into the world of FFT hacking.

Two tweaks make progression a little easier. The ability to control guest characters is huge. No more suicidal guests! And everyone has innate JP Boost from the beginning. This gives you the ability to experiment with more classes with minimal grinding.

There are a few changes to unlocking skills, but they’re not huge, and they don’t really affect how you’d play the game.

If WOTL is your preferred version for FFT, then this is a great patch for your next playthrough. I think this is what a “balance” hack should be; it focuses on lessening frustrations. Give it a shot!

Version 1.06 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Best choice for QoLdarist19 Jul 20222.01Yes
Rapha probably loves you so much!paprikamayo21 Jul 20212.01Yes
Awesome tweak by a great modderseajay122120 Feb 20212.01Yes
Makes the game overall more enjoyable.TheChristoph31 Aug 20191.06Yes
Nice changesElderMateo29 Jun 2014N/AYes