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Spirit bug fix

Hack of Final Fantasy VII


As the name says, this patch fixes a bug with the Spirit value, which is used to reduce magic damage through the global Magic Defense parameter you can see in the Status screen. Magic Defense is supposed to be your character’s Spirit and the magic defense from the armor equipped. For some reason, the game totally ignores the latter value – returning a simple 0 – and only uses Spirit. The patch adds all the “missing” code so that it returns the actual m.def. value.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCES 00867, SCUS 94163




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User Review Information

Spirit bug fix

Reviewed By: pating on 17 Aug 2019

This is a good fix for the playstation version of the game… especially when i was reading stuffs at qhimm i saw the translation of the international version into italian from japanese it was definitely amazing. although that i am not an italian. hope this doesn’t end here cause i found another bug within all the playstation version of final fantasy vii and that’s occurs when you sell you ribbon it shows the correct quantity you have in the inventory but if you equip one of it with cloud, it doesn’t show that you have one equipped instead it falls under when you select water ring to sell. it also correctly stated how many water ring that you have in the item inventory but sad to say that the number below which indicates if it were equipped by any of the characters it indicates the one that the ribbon has and not the water ring.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Spirit bug fixpating17 Aug 20191.0Yes