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Ninja Warriors Again - Blood Patch

Hack of Ninja Warriors Again


Tiny patch to replace the green “blood” with a nice red one ^_^

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Ninjawarriors Again, The (Japan).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 3BC037B6
  • MD5: C86C99D1454426B908C89FD1CAA858DC
  • SHA-1: 2705B8F7707D2071911F5AABBA3144D302441E48
  • SHA-256: C48A4CA22D001EB269FD85110FBE459034BF89F14B5B2733EE70B2D10C0687C0




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User Review Information

The ninjas are ready to paint the town red!

Reviewed By: star_scream1646 on 15 Aug 2019

Having recently played the newly released Ninja Saviors on my Nintendo Switch, which is a remake of The Ninja Warriors Again. I wanted to replay the original 16 bit version to compare graphical changes, my preferred version to play is for the Super Famicom which is playable since the story is in English but also for the female ninjas to have more enemy variety. Some say that the SFC version is uncensored since your fighting female enemies that were removed in the US version, but one thing I always thought that was strange was why did everyone have green blood? I guess maybe the ninjas are fighting artificial humans who have green blood, but to me that sounds like something that would have been changed to censor the US release. Of course we know the US version has no blood so again, why the green blood for the SFC version?

In the new remastered version they finally have an option to change the blood effect to red for human enemies and keep it green for mutants or battle robots. Seeing this and then trying to replay the SFC version felt annoying seeing everyone with green blood. Luckily I searched to see if there was a hack that changed the blood from green to red and found this one! This makes the game more pleasing to my eyes and now makes it resemble the original 1987 Ninja Warriors arcade game, since in the original arcade game the enemies would have red blood when killed.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
So Great, A must havePolargames26 Nov 20191.0Yes
The ninjas are ready to paint the town red!star_scream164615 Aug 20191.0Yes