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Final Fantasy VII Platinum

Hack of Final Fantasy VII


This is a challenge re-balancing hack for Final Fantasy VII. If you’ve ever wanted a to make Final Fantasy VII pose an actual challenge without resorting to an arbitrary “no items, no materia, single character” challenge, here’s a patch for you! Now, this is not an extreme difficulty patch, but rather is built to be fun and challenging in a balanced way, not merely frustrating!

As for specific changes, the author has changed the stats of nearly all enemies and bosses to increase the game’s general challenge. The author has also nerfed a couple insane items; W-Item (as the item dup bug couldn’t be fixed); MP Absorb (by making it act like HP Absorb); and Knights of the Round (by decreasing its power substantially). It was also made impossible to receive certain very powerful enemy skills early on (Aqualung from Harpy, Big Guard from Beachplug), and increased the cost of a couple spells (Choco/Mog, Mantra Magic, and Trine).

For extra fun factor, the player received several extra materia to start the game with.

The hacking tools (plus their C# source) that were built to edit this game are here.

The author hopes you enjoy this patch!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCUS_941.63




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Dr. DimensionHacking

User Review Information

Not bad

Reviewed By: orin6909 on 26 Jul 2019

This hack had good intentions, but I feel like a few changes should be made.

Anyone who has played Final Fantasy VII more than once can tell you that the game is far too easy once you know what you’re doing. This hack aims to re-balance the game and make it more of a challenge. It succeeds, but, there are some issues that remain.

First, magic is practically useless, since either all magic has been nerfed or all enemies are now much more resistant to it–I can’t tell which. By itself, that’s not bad, but it causes issues along with:

Enemy strength increases. You pretty much NEED to be in the back row for the majority of the game or else the random battle enemies will one-shot you. Alone, this isn’t terrible–it forces a more strategic approach–however, there are times when it becomes unfair. The only point I found ridiculous was the Sector 7 plate scene, where Cloud and Tifa fight to the top of the support; I game-overed automatically when I was attacked on both sides, since the enemies kill me in two hits and I need two hits to kill them (first turn someone dies and I was unable to kill one and heal before being slaughtered). Overall, the balance at the beginning needs a little work–even with the extra materia.

The major issue I found was that, due to the enemy damage increasing and the fact that magic was almost useless, I had limit breaks constantly, to the point that this became like Final Fantasy 8, where limit breaks were my primary form of attack. I would have been able to work with different strategies, had I been able to protect my party a bit better (barrier materia should really be given at the start, or at least be available early, since Big Guard is unobtainable). Honestly, limiting access to Enemy Skills like Aqualung was pointless, since the damage was was so much lower than normal anyway, it would have made no difference overall.

After a while, the difficulty leveled out, and the game played almost normally, so I suppose that overall, it was okay. The Weapons were still no challenge and most of the late-game bosses were still push-overs with the proper preparations (not talking about Knights of Round or Omnislash, by the way, just proper materia set-ups).


Overall, the changes were good, as it forces a new perspective on the gameplay of this classic title. There are some areas of unfair difficulty and some tweaks that could improve the overall enjoyment of the game, however.

If you’re interested in a new take on this classic masterpiece, give this a shot, just be ready for some unfairness in the early stages of the game and to dedicate a slot on Cloud to the Long-Range materia.

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Not badorin690926 Jul 20191.2Yes
Exactly what it aims to be!Erudition17 Apr 20161.2Yes