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Castlevania Akatsuki no Rhapsody: ikusatatsu's castle

Hack of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


This is a totally rebuilt castle of Castlevania AoS. So use the author’s name for its title. This hack just like a new Metroidvania game.

1. Rebuilds all castle, just like the picture shows, in fact this hack builds this castle from zero, just use the source of the origin game. This castle is very large and has many original designs for jump skill.

2. Remake the resistance and weakness for all enemies, every area’s monsters has two type resistance and weakness, corresponding weapon are given in the area. The monster can drop better weapon.

3. All weapon are remade, just like the picture shows. Many weapon come from Castlevania Akatsuki no Partita.

4. Increase the limit for red soul in one screen, Soma can throw more red soul at one time. Reinforce some red soul.


1、Add some save rooms.

2、Fix some rooms which have FPS drop.

3、Add two shortcuts.

4、Change the name and text of all weapons, and point out their properties.

5、Add a new area:The devil lair.

V1.21: fix a bug that a door can’t open in new area.

V1.22: fix a bug that BOSS RUSH can‘t be play.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • name "Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow (USA).gba"
  • size 8388608
  • crc 35536183
  • md5 E7470DF4D241F73060D14437011B90CE
  • sha1 ABD71FE01EBB201BCC133074DB1DD8C5253776C7
  • flags verified




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User Review Information

Vast Improvement Over Other One...

Reviewed By: jm102887 on 26 Jul 2019

So, I’ve played a hack by this author before, which was Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - Akatsuki no Partita. Unfortunately I couldn’t really recommend that hack as I felt it wasn’t very well polished. This hack is practically the same as that one…but with a bit of refinement overall.

MAP: Okay, so in Akatsuki no Partita, I felt as though the map was very poorly designed because it used AoS’s regular map and simply pasted and/or removed portions of the walls and floors to “create” a new map layout. Unfortunately it was very underwhelming and quite uninspired, so I wasn’t impressed. So cue THIS game, and I honestly have to commend the author for overcoming the previous issue. The map is TOTALLY remade into its own identity, and while some places STILL looked a little…strange, the castle felt brand new to me. The map is HUGE, going for 200.0% as opposed to 100.0%. As a result, this game is pretty long though I completed it in two days myself due to addiction, lol. Unfortunately, I will say that though the map is a vast improvement over the last game, it’s something that most Metroidvania’s avoid….it’s VERY linear. There’s no sense of exploration, so once you pass through about 99% of the rooms, you’ve no need to ever go back there again. There’s really no multiple paths to take and explore, so be aware of that if you intend on playing. But for overcoming what I considered the biggest flaw of Akatsuki no Partita, author…you have my praise ^_^ A good creator overcomes past obstacles and you did very well.

GAMEPLAY: This bit DIDN’T change from Akatsuki no Partita. The level system is nerfed slightly and Soma still gains only +8HP per level and a very small pittance of MP. As I said in my review of the other game, spells ARE much cheaper, so this isn’t a big deal on the MP. However, the game ping-pongs poor Soma about with all the enemies it throws at you constantly. Rooms are huge, which means this point isn’t QUITE as big a deal as it was before. However, the difficulty is still really quite high, and Hammer is hidden about two thirds of the way through the game, meaning supplies are NOT easily obtained. If the high difficulty isn’t for you, then maybe pass this up, but I would say it is a worthwhile challenge that, while annoying from time to time as you can’t help but take damage to progress, it’s never exactly unfair.

PUZZLES: Now THIS is where I feel the creator went all out, and I have great praise for his efforts. There’s actually some legit thinking required to get through some of these levels. If you just run though, swinging your weapon and hacking things to bits, you could screw yourself up and have to start the room over again (Did this to myself a lot, totally admit it). They aren’t anything major, but it does mean that progression isn’t simply “walk from one end of the room to the other, with a little bit of jumping occasionally”. You have to pay attention to your surroundings and use them appropriately as you jump around. The annoying bit is that it’s common for enemies to come up and smack you off ledges and down to the ground floor, requiring you to start all over, or in some cases start the whole room again and perhaps have it happen all over again and again, but still, Aria didn’t originally require much thought in how to get from room to room. This hack does and it actually impressed me a little.

OVERALL: 8/10 I’m a LITTLE nitpicky about this. The game IS too linear, the difficulty is pretty high and EXTREMELY tense in the Chaos fight in particular (burnt through ALL my supplies just to finish it), having to relearn weapon alignments and enemy weaknesses or else do squat for damage…these things do marr it a bit, and I’m still not thrilled with the look of some of the weapons and such given they’re a bit goofy and out of place…but this is a much more solid effort than the previous game, and I commend the creator on what they’ve got here. It has its flaws, but it’s really not bad. I did enjoy myself and that’s what counts ^_^

Version 1.04 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
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Better. Very much Better...StarWyvwern16 Dec 20191.04Yes
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