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A ROM patcher made in vanilla JavaScript.

Supported formats:

  • IPS
  • UPS
  • APS (N64)
  • BPS


  • can patch and create patches
  • shows ROM CRC32, MD5 and SHA-1 before patching
  • can remove SNES headers before patching
  • can be run in any modern web browser, including mobile


User Review Information

Use it here on

Reviewed By: gzip on 04 Apr 2020

I’m pretty new to rom hacking but have had a good time applying various patches to various roms in order to give new life to the games that I grew up with (count the renewed interest to the Classic consoles trend). The ips format got me pretty far but then I encountered bps, then ups. I needed a new program for each one, ugh. Not anymore!

This single program supports applying all the popular formats and creates patches as well. It can add or remove headers for those pesky snes patches. It has a modern interface. It’s also written in Javascript so it can run in the browser and is open source. The latest is always available on github. Get it! Better yet, use it right here:

Version 2.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Use it here on romhacking.netgzip04 Apr 20202.0Yes