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Dragon Warrior - Text Editor

Script Extraction / Insertion


Dragon Warrior - Text Editor allows the user to change Text data in Game.

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User Review Information

Decent but could use improvement

Reviewed By: PolishedTurd on 27 Jun 2019

This is a handy tool for changing all of the in-game text. It conveniently organizes text by category, such as menu items, treasure chests, and speech.

A few things I wish it could do:

1. Use all the allocated space for a block of text. By default, you must use no more than the number of characters you are replacing, even if there are several spaces (0×5F) until the next block of text. If you replace one text with a shorter text, when you open the program again to edit the same text, the shortened length is your new maximum length.

2. SEARCH for text. There are 9 separate screens of dialog to browse, and not all related dialog is on the same page.

3. Link and re-link text blocks, so characters can talk arbitrarily long but nobody’s dialog gets obliterated. I understand this is more sophisticated than the raw text editing the program provides.

Absent these features, I ended up using a hex editor for a lot of my changes, but this program was helpful to start with.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Really Cool!darkesco19 Mar 20211.0Yes
Decent but could use improvementPolishedTurd27 Jun 20191.0Yes