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SMB The Mystery Of Luigi

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


Find and save Luigi! If abandon him…

Note: This hack is a parody of the Famicom Transformers game The Mystery of Convoy, released by Takara in 1986.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Filename:Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].nes
  • MD5:811B027EAF99C2DEF7B933C5208636DE
  • SHA-1:EA343F4E445A9050D4B4FBAC2C77D0693B1D0922
  • CRC32:3337EC46




User Review Information

A fun short proof of concept hack

Reviewed By: Notthisguy on 02 Jun 2019

This is a one level hack with some cool ideas. I would love to see a sequel or a full length mystery of luigi hack.

This seems like a very well done asm hack, its highlights are its new intro sequence, new boss, unusual enemy behavior, and new music. It only took me about 5 minutes to figure out the last boss, but the level (1-1) was surprisingly difficult. I had to use a lot of save states to get past the waves of flying goombas that SHOOT you. It took me 10 minutes to get past the first screen it was so intense.

If you want to see how a smb hack can be fresh and intriguing without changing the level layout, this hack is for you.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A fun short proof of concept hackNotthisguy02 Jun 20191.0Yes