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Castlevania Remix

Hack of Castlevania


Castlevania Remix is a hack of Castlevania which incorporates the use of a few simple tones for the palette in order to create a bit of a sepia/black-and-white quality to the game, which lends itself very well to Castlevania, making it look more like a silver-age era monster film, which is definitely where the idea for Castlevania originated. Some might scoff at the use of a palette like this, but making the graphics look this detailed on the NES with a small set of colors is no small feat.

Besides the graphical changes, the level layouts are also changed, and in some spots it’s a lot more difficult, and in others it’s easier. One thing to watch out for, though, is a distinct lack of hearts, which makes bosses a lot harder to defeat since you will only get off a few shots with your weapons before having to resort to your whip. Oh, and also be on the look-out for camouflaged staircases in a few spots– if you can’t find them, you may find yourself stuck.

Also of interest is that the soundtrack has been rearranged slightly, and in some spots modified–but the sound hacks still need a little work. Perhaps in a future version.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Castlevania (USA).nes - NOINTRO - PRG0 Version
  • CRC32: 39C879BB
  • MD5: 00D93C9F6B8AEFB8B6C02B20147DF4EC
  • SHA-1: A31B8BD5B370A9103343C866F3C2B2998E889341
  • SHA-256: 55BCAB0D9EFC33A9D9EFC90F2C3C4AB12F3221A44B1F357E6C6202A456399AA8



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


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User Review Information

Why? Just, why?

Reviewed By: brgr264 on 25 May 2019

This is a question I continuously asked myself through out what I played of this game. For starters, there were some very poor graphical choices made in the development of this hack. The title screen looks pretty good, but it’s all down hill from here. The level design feels lazy and uninspired. It also feels as if the creator gave up half way through the second level. There are entire sections you can easily skip. To pour salt on an open wound, all the candles are invisible, and when I do accidently hit one, nothing comes out most of the time. I just blindly whip the air praying something comes out of it. And for whatever reason, the developer decided to change the music. Now, there’s no problem with changing the order of the level themes, the problem comes in when you start to change them yourself. These changes don’t do anything to enhance the music. In my opinion, the tracks should’ve been left how they were. I just gave up after the first section of the third level, because I felt playing the rest of the game wasn’t worth it. Now, I’ve only played the first two levels and a part of the third level, and for all I know, the last four levels are some of the best Castlevania levels to exist, but I wouldn’t personally recommend this game. All these choices made in this hack are rather questionable to me. I guess if your into the graphic style give it a go, but this isn’t a hack I see myself returning to any time soon.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Why? Just, why?brgr26425 May 20191.0No
Could be betteronepiecefan200716 Aug 20181.0No
Decent hack with some issuesbogaabogaa30 Jul 20171.0Yes
Poor Palette ChoicesMegafield6402 Jun 20151.0No