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Zelda - The Legend of Link

Hack of The Legend of Zelda


Various ancient legends have been recorded of a young boy clothed in green, wielding the mythical master sword, sealing away all evil throughout the land. His ventures, passed down through generations have become legend. The hero of legend, had many different forms. He saved many kingdoms, restoring peace in all the lands. This is but one of the legends, of which the people speak…

Here is a ROM hack for the Legend of Zelda which has had many hours put into it (just shy of 3 years), ASM and coding changes, and graphics overhauls. New items have replaced the old ones in the original game and new concepts have been used in the game such as pitfalls, dash boots, the use of the hammer, and many more changes have been added to give the game a much new feel to it. Also the inclusion of the Capcom sound engine is another welcome change that has been added to the game.

For more details on the patch and how the project progressed over time please visit this site to take a look at how it started and how it came to its closing end.

Please use the PRG0 version of the ROM otherwise the ROM will not work properly. Enjoy!


Now for the rom specs

  • Converted from MMC1 to MMC5
  • 32KB SRAM
  • Inserted custom MMC5 irq engine
  • Installed custom modified Capcom 6C80 Sound Engine, with DPCM usage

Will this work on…? As of January 2020, this will work on krikzz’s N8 Pro Everdrive

The game has been tested on the following emulators

  • Nestopia PC
  • Nintendulator PC v0.975 Unofficial Release
  • Nintendulator PC v0.970 Official Release
  • nesDS Special Build
  • Retroarch Using Nestopia Core Wii/WiiU
  • (Android Users) - NESEmu
  • (XBOX Users) - NestopiaX Ver 1.4 and up

There is a fast way to learn if the romhack will play perfectly on an emulator you use. Watch the intro after the title screen fades away. There is a golden scroll moving up the screen. If that scroll & text comes up garbage, then you should stop playing unfortunately. This is because the emulator you are using, is not utilizing the MMC5 register $5130 correctly. The romhack perform chr swaps for 3 specific things, the intro, a mini game, and the Ganon fight. If you continue to play the game with the garbaged gfx, it will obviously look bad, and it might even crash.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0) [!]
  • Name: Legend of Zelda, The (USA)
  • --------
  • SHA-1: DAB79C84934F9AA5DB4E7DAD390E5D0C12443FA2
  • MD5: 337BD6F1A1163DF31BF2633665589AB0
  • CRC32: D7AE93DF




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
infidelityHackingasm, level design, music, sfx

User Review Information

Technical Masterpiece, but so much wasted potential

Reviewed By: The3Dude on 10 May 2019

I now see the problem so many people have with this hack. Don’t get me wrong, this hack is extremely professional and I completely applaud the creator’s work and effort put into creating such a technical masterpiece.

BUT… The game is way too “Link’s Awakening” if not less polished, and with so much wasted potential. Almost all additions to the game were ripped from Link’s Awakening. Everything from graphics to the new items. The entire overworld is just Link’s Awakening’s overworld but just mirrored and with a hilariously large amount of shops. Almost every building that in the original Link’s Awakening had different and unique things inside have all been replaced with overused shops.

Also, the one thing that could have saved this hack from being a disappointment was left alone. That is new dungeon designs. All the dungeons are the EXACT same dungeons from the original game, with two exceptions. All the rooms in the dungeons are pitch black and the stepladder holes were replaced with actual pitfalls that damage you. Though it is a cool feature, it annoyed many people and to me specifically, it came across as lazy. Everyone would’ve loved new dungeon designs!

Just from what I said above, I would only recommend this game to you if you love Link’s Awakening and have never played the original Zelda.


If you would like a fun twist to the original game and have never played Link’s Awakening.

But for everyone like me who has played both LA and Zelda 1, this hack will look very attractive at first, before it then becomes a disappointment due to it not feeling original.

The reason people play ROM Hacks is because they want to experience something fresh. But this doesn’t feel fresh, it feels like Link’s Awakening was forced into Zelda 1. So much to the point where it feels like a Link’s Awakening Remix hack more than a Zelda 1 ROM hack.

If this hack was remade but with an entirely new overworld and new dungeons utilizing the new items added in, it would be the biggest hit. But Zelda: Outlands is still the most popular due to it being brand new, and still feeling like Zelda 1.

Noted reasons people dislike this hack.

1. Feels too much like LA 2. Way too many shops 3. Horizontal Sword slash is funky, original was better 4. Magic feature felt lazy 5. Dungeons aren’t fresh, they are the same as original 6. The map is a replica of LA’s map but mirrored 7. Wasted potential.

Noted reasons people like this hack.

1. Great new features and graphics 2. New items 3. Cool effects and advanced hacking 4. Feels like Link’s Awakening 5. Nostalgia

Use those reasons to help you.

To all you future Zelda 1 hackers, please take note of the things that ruined this hack and don’t make the mistake of spending 3 Years making a technical masterpiece for it to be disliked by so many.

Version 12-23-2018 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Seriously, the sheer marvel...hmsong22 Jan 202203-12-2020Yes
This technical marvel really suffers in the early gamebrianoblivion25 Sep 202003-12-2020Yes
Not fun, seriously overrated.ifightdragons09 Jan 202012-23-2018No
Overcooked and boringKevvyLava20 Jun 201912-23-2018No
Overrated and disappointingazeryn16 Jun 201912-23-2018No
One of the best Zelda Nes HacksMAOT66601 Jun 20197-18-2016Yes
Technical Masterpiece, but so much wasted potentialThe3Dude10 May 201912-23-2018No
Grew on Me to the Point of Greatnessfiredropdl19 Nov 201810-23-2017Yes
Infidelity would have been better off remaking Zelda 1pocket03 Feb 201810-23-2017No
LoZ1 + Link's Awakening but not goodQuadal15 Nov 201710-23-2017No
A Must PlayProveaux16 Nov 201710-23-2017Yes
Impressive, But DisappointingJosephine Lithius03 Oct 20167-18-2016No
As good as a Nintendo originalmr type 412 Jul 20164.0Yes
The game that non-Zelda fans can playSky_Yoshi26 Dec 20154.0Yes
You are better off playing Link's AwakeningThanatos-Zero17 Oct 20154.0No
This is one every Zelda fan should give a play.Celdia26 Apr 20154.0Yes
Exceptionally Wonderful Hack!lexluthermiester20 Oct 20167-18-2016Yes
AMAZINGSirRob25 Sep 2014N/AYes
Play this. Right now. Stop whatever you're doing.eric.of.troy16 Sep 2014N/AYes
Best hack of all time8-bitBishop11 Sep 2014N/AYes
New Zelda Gamecthomask7310 Sep 2014N/AYes
Complete ZeldagasmChris Miller06 Sep 2014N/AYes