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Barver Battle Saga: Tai Kong Zhan Shi

Sega Genesis

Game Description:

Barver Battle Saga: Tai Kong Zhan Shi is a role playing game for the Sega Genesis.

Translation Description:

Just in time before the years end, the English translation of the Taiwanese unlicensed RPG Barver Battle Saga for the Sega Genesis is finally released! Lots of work has gone into this project, and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Be sure to check the read me for more about the game, who did what, and all the work that went into getting this game into English.

The latest patch, v1.00, can be considered a final release of sorts. At the least, it’s not a “beta” anymore. The game has already been played thoroughly and most issues appear to have been spotted and fixed. Hopefully there should be no more bugs left. So, enjoy the game! :)

Notice: This translation has been removed at the request of Piko Interactive LLC who obtained the rights to this game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Barver Battle Saga - Tai Kong Zhan Shi (China) (Unl).md
  • CRC32: D37A37C6
  • MD5: 7E0ADD665A16CE7D9965D8858C4C0EC4
  • SHA-1: 6D49A0DB7687CCAD3441F47FBC483C87CD6EAB53


Screenshots: Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
zera9924Script Editing/Revision
taizouGraphicsTitle Screen Art

User Review Information

Refreshing CLASSIC jRPG experience!

Reviewed By: jmjohnson85 on 09 Sep 2010

When I found out about this I immediatley set out to conquer it. I’ll admit my initial reaction was that this was the BEST rpg for the Genesis that I had seen thus far. After playing through the whole game (20+ hours) I can honestly say that it is definetly not the best on the Genny but is definitely way up there.

By far the best feature in my oppinion is the soundtrack. Simply amazing! It is nothing like any soundtrack on any other 16bit jRPG - the composer clearly has his/her own style.

The graphics are also exceptionally refreshing on this game - very similar to Final Fantasy games on the SNES. Very colorful and full of texture.

The only thing about this game that was lacking (aside from the length) was the story, which wasn’t bad at all, just not that engaging. Honestly the translation could definitely have had more creativity put into it. There’s really nothing wrong with the translation, but it is basically just a direct translation with practically no feeling to it.

Bottom line though - every oldschool rpg gamer should definitely give this one a shot. If you could stand playing all the way through Lufia 1 then this game will practically knock your socks off!

I cannot thank the translators Djinn and SteveMartin enough for this one!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Needs Only One ThingAnimation Guru12 Nov 2013N/AYes
Mixes Many Other RPGsKlaviaturist23 Jan 2011N/AYes
Refreshing CLASSIC jRPG experience!jmjohnson8509 Sep 2010N/AYes