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Megaman NEO

Hack of Mega Man 2


This is a hack of the US version of Mega Man 2. It changes the graphics and level designs of levels.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Mega Man 2 (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: 2290D8D839A303219E9327EA1451C5EEA430F53D
  • File CRC32: 5E268761
  • ROM SHA-1: 2EC08F9341003DED125458DF8697CA5EF09D2209
  • ROM CRC32: FCFC04D



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Tokkan KoujiHacking

User Review Information

Rockman 2 NEO - OKAY

Reviewed By: Dobu_GM on 20 Apr 2019

Rockman 2 NEO

Levels: Okay

Graphics: Good

Music: No Change

Enemies: No Change

Bosses: Okay (Different Boss Rooms, Metal Man)

Weapons: Okay (rebalanced ammo usage)

Castle: Okay

Difficulty: HARD

Comments: An aesthetically pleasing hack that’s too hard for its own good. Level design can be really cruel and relentless at times, having enemies guard very narrow ledges and forcing the player to make some unbelievably brutal jumps (I’m looking at you, Wily 3). Sometimes the hack is designed competently with clever enemy placement and stage layout, but most of the time it’s way too aggressive to be enjoyable. Only for masochists, or people that don’t mind save-stating their way through a level.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
This Does Not Do Justice For The Blue Bomber !Snufflepus Penguin04 Apr 20211.0No
Rockman 2 NEO - OKAYDobu_GM20 Apr 20191.0No