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Mickey to Donald: Magical Adventure 3

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey and Donald is the third series in the Disney-inspired platformers made by Capcom in the 1990’s. The game plays just like The Magical Quest and The Great Circus Mystery: Go through levels and gain new costumes that empower you with new skills.

The evil King Pete is up to his old tricks again. When the guardian fairy of Storybook Land fell asleep, King Pete and his minions took it over and are now plotting to take over the real world as well. Not only that, Pete has kidnapped Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie to use as his slaves.

Now that Mickey and Donald have found out about King Pete’s terrible plans, will they be able to save Donald’s nephews and restore peace to Storybook Land before it’s too late?

Translation Description:

This is a complete English translation of “Mickey to Donald: Magical Adventure 3″ for the Super Nintendo.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mickey & Donald 3 (J).smc
  • Length: 2097152 Bytes (16 Mbit)
  • CRC32: 32EEA1E9
  • MD5: 4B87392A AF03517D 3F45EBF0 6EB2D4BC
  • SHA1: 8A153F92 AD2498FB F66E4CB1 00F6E5B9 50098044


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
JonnyHackingProject leader, romhacker
BugCatcherTranslationScript translation
F.H.HackingBonus game sprite hack
Shih TzuTranslationCast list translation

User Review Information

Magical Quest 3 - A Magical Moment of Fun

Reviewed By: Goros Lair on 30 Mar 2019

First time I had contact with this game was in 1998 or 2000 (I really cannot remember the right time). I have loved it at first sight… but it was in Japanese (a lot of tears drops have fallen down at that time from my eyes = I like to understand what I’m playing, I do not play for “instinct” - LOL).

Several years later I could this discover this marvelous translation and finally I could play it correctly. Under these conditions, I give thanks and congrats to Jonny and to the other members of RPGONE for sharing it (hacking and translation) with us. Well, to those ones that do not know the game yet, a quick review.

Magical Quest 3 – Starring Mickey and Donald is, in my opinion, one of the best Disney conversions to a console. It’s got marvelous graphics, very well drawn characters, beautiful scenaries, a charmful story, an easy system of gameplay and so many other features that’s only possible to confer’em playing it.

But, what is it really good/awesome in Magical Quest 3? The Disney Quality inside it. Magical Quest 3 is almost a cartoon inside a videogame, with an involving action and with right dosage for adults and children (It’s got action, but it’s not violent – that’s the reason for the what I play it with my son = 7 years old, who loves it).

It’s possible to play it in co-op mode (the best part of the game) through 7 levels, using Special custom clothes (Magician, woodcutter, Knight = Mickey / Aladdin, woodcutter, Knight-like = Donald)where one player helps the other, for instance: Donald rolling barrel on the water while Mickey hitchhikes on him through the river/sea or when Donald using the Aladdin’s custom with the magical hand as a step for higher places or higher jumps. You might figure out the following concerning to the clothes:

Knight = Attack and Defense; Woodcutter = Climbing the trees/columns or spinning attacks to enemies; Magician / Aladdin = Changing the things and enemies;

If you have been looking for a funny and challenging game, don’t waste your time anymore, have it right now with a friend and enjoy. You’ll want to play it again and again and again, believe me.

Of course and obviously, the translation and the color hack (Donald’s nephews) for this game is extremely necessary for you to have an intense fun and the correct appreciation for it. Very well recommended.

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Definitive Version of a Hidden GemNeon Streetlight27 Jun 20201.5Yes
Magical Quest 3 - A Magical Moment of FunGoros Lair30 Mar 20191.3Yes