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Secret of Mana: Relocalized

Hack of Secret of Mana


Disclaimer: This hack is an offshoot of FuSoYa’s VWF Edition hack. The bulk of the script changes were created by FuSoYa’s Niche. I am not the original author of the script changes or the VWF hack. You can find out more about Secret of Mana VWF Edition here:

About Relocalized:

Secret of Mana - Relocalized focuses on updating, uncensoring, and “relocalizing” gameplay, graphical, and text (both script and non-script) elements of Secret of Mana

  • Death Machine: AKA Kettle Kin gets restored to its full uncensored chainsaw wielding glory. Not only is this a graphical hack, it also rewrites the its AI to perform just as it did in the original Japanese release.
  • Teleportation Circles: When Square released this game in 1993 Nintendo of America had strict policies against religious imagery appearing in its titles. The six-pointed stars in the teleportation circles were reduced to triangles. This hack restores them to their original appearance.
  • Title Screen Background: When Square ported this game over to English, they butchered the original background image. Because of some graphical problems they cropped the image of the full Mana Tree at its roots and expanded it. The result is a blurry pixelated mess. Relocalized restores the original image.
  • Opening Text Crawl: Relocalized updates the opening text crawl to that of the superior HD version.
  • Mixed Case Character Names: This features adds lowercase letters to the character naming screen.
  • Relocalization: The titular feature. This hack takes the game’s outdated, awkward, and inaccurate text and script elements and localizes them differently. Just like with FuSoYa’s hack before it, Relocalized holds true to the style of beloved 90’s Squaresoft translator, Ted Woolsey.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Secret of Mana (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130701-030720)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 8133041A363E3CC68CEDEF40B49B6D20D03C505D




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
TimboScript Editing/RevisionHack Creator
mziabHackingCreated hacks and tools for script insertion.
QueueHackingRestored the Intro Screen and Death Machine Boss.
Justin3009HackingCreated the spacing fix for Weapon/Magic Levels screen.
FuSoYaOriginal HackingThe original creator of the VWF hack that this is based upon.
BahaBulleScript Editing/RevisionCreated the tools used to edit the text crawl.
RegrsHackingCreated the Mixed Case Naming Hack

User Review Information

Great project that builds on FuYosa's VWF edition.

Reviewed By: WeebeeGeebee on 13 Oct 2020

This hack uses the FuYoSa Variable Width Font edition as a base, a good base to use, but that damn spelling error with the guy on the Turtle Island who says “I’m was born in the empire” instead of “I was” is still there, a leftover from the FuYosa script that perhaps the new team didn’t catch.

Other than that one gripe, this patch is pretty amazing and does as much as it can to restore changed graphics, item names, boss names etc. This patch goes above and beyond what is expected. I hope the team responsible for it will keep working on it.

……….. ADDENDUM ………..

Oof… There’s more errors than just that one actually.

Some of these grammar mistakes make it very evident that it’s just leftovers from when a thing used to be called something else.

Like changing Elementals to Spirits. You changed the word but not the grammar around it.

In English we put an “An” behind words that begin with a Vowel.

Example: An apple. An orange.

But for CONSONANTS, you just use A.

A banana. A pear.

You wouldn’t say “An pear.” That just sounds weird. But you WOULD say “An apricot.”

Other errors in the text are just common spelling mistakes that got overlooked.

The green haired man in Pandora Castle says “My life is precious, so I’m ‘quiting’ the army.” Without the extra T in “quitting” it looks like “quite-ing.”

I originally thought that it was only the Turtle Island man saying “I’m was born in the Empire” but apparently that was only the tip of the grammar and spelling mistake iceberg for this hack.

Don’t get me wrong!! I love the hack!! And these mistakes were likely around before in the FuYoSa VWF hack. But I really just want to see all those bizzare errors in the text pounded out until the text looks like it could be a retail release.

Speaking of retail, though… even in the official localization by Ted Woosley there was some weird stuff. The sentence about the dwarves in Gaia’s Navel.

Redundancy check, Mr. Woosley! You said “weapons” twice in the same sentence! You only need it in there ONCE.

“The dwarves in that cave know a great deal about weapons” - would have been a sufficient sentence. But Ted wrote it as “Dwarves live in that cave. They make good weapons and know all about weapons.”

So even the original U.S. localization isn’t without its own problems.

I understand that the SoM Relocalized project was a labor of love for all who were involved and I’m certainly not trying to trash it. But those grammar and spelling errors are pretty darn strange. Not as strange as the intro to Zero Wing, with its “All your base are belong to us” memes, but it still makes me pause and stare at what I’m reading.

I really do hope that Timbo and the rest of the team that made this patch will keep working on it.

Version 1.6 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
PerfectDeepDish04 Dec 20201.7Yes
Fixes some stuff but seems to break otherimpurekind17 Jul 20201.7No
Great project that builds on FuYosa's VWF edition.WeebeeGeebee13 Oct 20201.6Yes
Don't bother with the Steam rendition. Check out this version instead!phantom_with_a_rose24 Feb 20191.4Yes
FINALLY!JulianoFdeS14 Feb 20191.4Yes