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Pokemon Gold 1997 Spaceworld Fixes

Hack of Pokémon: Gold Version


A patch to fix various issues in the Pokemon Gold 1997 Spaceworld Demo / Beta, including fixes to:

  • restore proper story mode functionality (cheats are very helpful for progress)
  • remove evolution restrictions of various pokemon (originally implemented to not spoil new pokemon designs/evolutions in the demo)
  • restore proper collision on tall grass to encounter various wild pokemon
  • repair layout of a shop/school
  • remove stones blocking east entrance of start town
  • Main menu translated

Big thanks to the original authors of these fixes.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pokemon Gold - Spaceworld 1997 Demo (Debug) (Header Fixed).sgb
  • ROM not found in Database: No-Intro
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 87FD8DBE5DB39619529ABCFC99E74CC5ECB8B94E




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User Review Information

Won't run on NES Classic Mini

Reviewed By: JonVeliky on 18 Mar 2019

I tested this out on the core set KMFDManic provided, and made sure it ran on all the GB cores it came with. The only one that did was for SameBoy, but shows the boot rom screen(a la cartridgeless boot up).

Preferably, I use mGBA(to utilize the Super GameBoy borders), but it only works on other versions of Retroarch, but not for the NES Classic Mini via Retroarch(standard that came with Hakchi2 CE and KMFDManic’s core set). I assume the same for the SNES Classic Mini, but I don’t own that than I do the NESC.

But I have played a bit on the Wii U’s RA, and its like having thrown me back to when I saw articles in GamePro’s December 1999 issue, and played what could have been compared to what we got by Fall of 2000.

Looks great.

But yeah, if there is a way to get it to run on compatibility with the NESC/SNESC, that would rock out loud. But overall, testing it on the other consoles as well as VBA on PC, it is awesome.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Won't run on NES Classic MiniJonVeliky18 Mar 20191.1Yes
Awesome and explorableRainbowKittyPaw28 Feb 20191.1Yes