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Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition

Hack of Super Pitfall


Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition. Release 1.0 - 05 Sept 2016. A hack by Nesrocks. New soundtrack by FCandChill. Pitfall II arrangements by rockman_x_2002.

This hack was created in celebration to 30 years of Super Pitfall. It vastly improves the original game while keeping the base game and level layout intact. The idea was to modernize, fix and beautify the original game because the author felt like the game’s problems kept it from getting justice.

This hack changes the game’s code, graphics and sounds in several ways. Some of them include:

  • Completely new graphics
  • Completely new Soundtrack
  • New menu screens
  • Improved game design (no more hidden items, warps are now doors, new in-game HUD, improved game controls, small level design adjustments, etc!)
  • Improved performance
  • Seamless, fully automatic save feature (please hold reset while shutting down when playing on a repro cartridge to avoid save file corruption).
  • Available languages: english and portuguese (choose one of the patches in the zip)
  • Many more small improvements!

Please read the readme for full credits and special thanks.

Tools and information used:

Copyright: DO NOT modify this hack in any way. Keep credits where credits are due. The hack contains original artwork. The unmodified game Super Pitfall is the property of Activision.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Super Pitfall (USA)
  • CRC32: A4958020 (With Header)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: 2373E952FECC5F7507F99476E82C298CAB1F51CB
  • ROM SHA-1: B29F4BB5B0C30ED133AD82CA5A2134C31C003862




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

A Familiar New Experience

Reviewed By: Mother Kojiro on 14 Mar 2019

I’m going to be up front: I really like the original Super Pitfall. Yes, it’s a nasty, broken glitch picnic, but it has both a surreal charm from all of the absurd things that happen (some of them intentional), and it’s also a very authentic video game experience from its era; exploring the whole cavern takes me right back to that dusty old basement with Donkey Kong, Circus Charlie, and Altered Beast cabinets, among many others. It isn’t nostalgic for me, exactly, but it’s a neat time capsule. I was wondering if this hack would be able to maintain that original charm, and having finished it, and explored every single corner, I can say that it absolutely does not. So why the recommend? For one, I can always play the original, if that’s what I’m looking for, but more importantly, this hack brings a new charm all its own.

It’s really amazing how a new tileset with some minor palette and level tweaks can give such a drastic new feel to such a familiar old experience. The level design tweaks are almost all very minor, and absolutely every one of them is for the better. The new HUD keeps track of which major items you’ve found, how much treasure you’ve collected, and that’s a big deal, although, it would’ve been nice to also keep track of how many of each “key” you’ve found. No problem, though; items are no longer invisible, so you can play this like a normal game. Having infinite bullets once you find the gun is an absolute boon, too! There were other nice little touches, like new music, and a new palette for those weird vulture warp areas. The music can be a little hit or miss when compared with the original soundtrack, but nothing is outright bad, and overall, there is a lot more musical variety. Some glitches present in the original are still here, but they’re mostly graphical, so they don’t affect the experience much.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Beautiful !alien nose job12 Apr 20191.0Yes
A Familiar New ExperienceMother Kojiro14 Mar 20191.0Yes
Awesomestevebarn29 Oct 20171.0Yes
Believe the hype.Chronosplit11 Jun 20171.0Yes
Super Pitfall: The Good EditionAndromeda12 Sep 20161.0No
Looks like the Remake VersionGamerhenky05 Sep 20161.0Yes
Super Pitfall: Good EditionArjak05 Sep 20161.0Yes
Super Pitfall Dug Up and PolishedFCandChill05 Sep 20161.0Yes
How it should have been releasedmacbee05 Sep 20161.0Yes
Almost unrecognizable as the same game (in a good way!)Midna05 Sep 20161.0Yes