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Final Fantasy III: Story Edition.

Hack of Final Fantasy III


Yo. :)

This is a very simplistic patch made in mind for a niche group of people: people who enjoy stories and strong narratives in video games, but dislike the RPG genre/grinding.

I honestly believe this is one of the best stories I’ve ever encountered in a video game, and this patch aims to share the story without modifying the actual narrative by allowing the player to excel through the gameplay itself. Changes are very simple:

  • All enemies have had their stats (excluding MP so any magic-related battle scripts still function) lowered to 1.
  • All enemies retain dropped gold, experience and item drops in case the player does want to grind (and, keep an “average” level within a certain area if they want to transfer the .srm to a unpatched version to try the game and not be over leveled.)
  • The first clock in Arvis’ house (formerly elixir) changed into 65025 GP to cut down on some future grinding for money needed for equipment.
  • Relic shop in South Figaro sells “Moogle Charm” (for 2 gold) and all characters can equip them.
  • TERRA starts with Sprint Shoes (also changed to 2 gold) and Moogle Charm equipped.

Patch will otherwise be worthless for veterans or someone looking for a challenge.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File MD5 ADD7FC1B4EE15CABAC86E7075F597267
  • File SHA-1 A3AD93785C8D4B59C1298BA991D5ECC78AD98C4F
  • File CRC32 1AA26588
  • ROM MD5 ADD7FC1B4EE15CABAC86E7075F597267
  • ROM SHA-1 A3AD93785C8D4B59C1298BA991D5ECC78AD98C4F
  • ROM CRC32 1AA26588




User Review Information

A dream come true, I would need one for each J RPG

Reviewed By: alien nose job on 02 May 2019

I’m editing this review again as I did more testing.

This patch is just wonderful if, like me, you hate grinding and continuous random encounters.

Thanks to the author’s work, I can enjoy the story :)

Contrary to what I thought at first, this patch is compatible with other translations and patches as long as they use the same rom version as base (the first translation I tried used a different version and thus forbid it to work).

In fact is is compatible with “Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition” and the MSU1 hack, which is great. So far I didn’t encounter any bug.

In fact I would love to see more patches like these in J-RPGs.

Thanks again !

Old review : Haven’t tried it extensively yet, but it is a pleasure, at last I’ll be able to follow the adventure and enjoy the game.

The two things that could further improve this hack are decreasing the encounter rate and making it compatible with various decensoring/retranslations (But I imagine it is almost impossible).

Still, it is great the way it is…

I would love to see this kind of patch for any other RPG. I really can’t sit and grind for hours or stand being interrupted for two minutes every two seconds while I just want to enjoy the story, graphics and characters.

Thanks a lot !

EDIT 1 : I didn’t know the game at all and it seems that this hack improves on the moogle charm’s capacities which should allow to decrease the encounter rate ! Neat.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A dream come true, I would need one for each J RPGalien nose job02 May 20191.0Yes