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Disney's Pinocchio - Prototype Fixes

Hack of Disney's Pinocchio


This patch fixes and improves several details of the 32X version prototype recently released by Hidden Palace, bringing it closer to what would be a proper commercial release:

  • Region conversion (the original prototype release is Europe-only).
  • Color palette improvement for most of the backgrounds. They are rendered by the Mega Drive and had several repeated values to them causing the loss of pixel art details.
  • Audio tempo and pitch fix for 60 Hz regions (the original prototype release is adjusted for 50 Hz).
  • Bypass of the pulsing-red test screen during the boot-up sequence of the game.

The 32X version of Pinocchio features a few exclusive background layers and raster effects; better default control scheme and more sound clips than the Mega Drive’s; so after applying this patch it can be considered the definitive version of the game.

Successfully tested on real hardware.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pinocchio (Europe)
  • CRC32: 390A90F9
  • MD5: 406AB3E46797D8459C3D9EFBBC044282
  • SHA-1: 39CCF67E516BDAEC879F1E30B23D5F253E82B6C8




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Great fixes, but a few more things would make it the absolute version

Reviewed By: alien nose job on 22 Feb 2019

These fixes are great and do exactly what is stated above.

Namely, playing at 60hz, with the music playing at the correct speed and with the enriched color palette of the 32X (the only time I preferred colors before the fix is Jemini’s stage, but it is completely subjective).

I didn’t mind the game being slightly faster as these games are slow anyway and at 50hz it’s extremely slow.

But there is a couple more things that would need a fix :

  • We could do without the black bar at the top.
  • Pinocchio’s forward jump has a couple problems. Its animation doesn’t display properly like the Megadrive and SNES versions, and the controls seem a bit more floaty.

About the animation issue, compare his jump forward animation with the 16 bit versions and you’ll notice that in the 32X’s he’s stuck for 17 frames (for a full jump) in a bent forward pose instead of moving his arms upwards like he should. Looks a bit clumsy and strange since everything is so well executed. Frames do exist as they are displayed normally on a neutral jump but wrongly timed there.

As for the floatyness… hard to put my finger on it, but Pinocchio has a tendency to slide a bit before jumping forward, making the platforming harder. I’m not sure who’s the culprit, but it seems the input takes more time to take effect while he jumps immediately in SNES or Megadrive, didn’t check the numbers though. I don’t think it is an emulator issue, I even tried decreasing the input time in RetroArch using Runahead but it still felt off. Well, it’s just my two cents anyway.

Thanks a lot about this fix !

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great fixes, but a few more things would make it the absolute versionalien nose job22 Feb 20191.0Yes