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Godzilla: Kaijuu Daishingeki

Sega Game Gear

Game Description:

Godzilla: Monsters Attack is a 1995 strategy/fighting hybrid game by SIMS for the Game Gear. It features five missions loosely based on various Godzilla films, with the player choosing to play as either Godzilla and co. (aiming to destroy a certain amount of the city) or the JSDF (trying to protect it). Unit movement plays out in a turn-based strategic view, while combat takes place in action-based one-on-one fighting matches.

Translation Description:

This is a full English translation of Godzilla: Monsters Attack.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro filename: Gojira - Kaijuu Daishingeki (Japan).gg
  • CRC32: 4CF97801
  • MD5: E550267F3AE767BED5D0E2A126F44A10
  • SHA-1: FF3E8905635A02EB85556146225020B52506424C


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ContributorType of contributionListed credit
cccmarScript Editing/RevisionEditing/Testing

User Review Information

I have been dying to play this game

Reviewed By: chuckingdice on 15 Feb 2019

Look. I’ll confess. One of my favorite NES games was Godzilla 2 War of the Monsters. It’s an old strategy game that pitted humans against monsters, and you play as the humans. I don’t know. I’m just fascinated assuming the role of humans fighting an almost hopeless battle against Daikaiju. A game I always wanted to play was Gojira: Kaijuu Daishingeki, but it being in Japanese and me not being able to read it kind of made the whole experience difficult.

Now the other thing is people keep telling me that this game wasn’t worth playing. I guess I could get that because most people who like the genre of giant monsters would much prefer a beat em up style where monsters kick the living hell out of each other. Now I’m not going to lie, that sounds pretty fun too. But It doesn’t capture that strategy that the humans go through when fighting these monsters in the movies.

Thanks to this translation, now I can have that experience. I’m basically saying that this translation makes the game work. Now if I could read Japanese, maybe I would have like it before, but the reality is that I can’t and I love this game. I can read it, I can understand it, and I can enjoy it. Bravo to TheMajinZenki, Supper, and cccmar for breaking that barrier for me and everyone.

For those of you not interested in the game style, there are plenty of monster melee games. They’ll be plenty of games in the future that will be like those games as well. There’s not a whole lot of human vs monster situations that are derivative of the movies. So I think the contributors deserve thanks to introduce a game that is thematically different from all of the others. If you don’t the game, that’s fine. However, the effort to create this translation should be much appreciated because it allows those who were curious about the game experience it for what it is.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Nice translation!ERICONWHEELZ28 Feb 20191.0Yes
I have been dying to play this gamechuckingdice15 Feb 20191.0Yes