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Mega Man Remastered

Hack of Mega Man


Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Mega Man series with a remaster of the first game that started it all!

Mega Man Remastered (formerly known as the Upgrade Patch) is a patch for the first Mega Man game, which enhances it in so many ways, without modifying the levels or graphics (minor graphics and palette changes, which are listed with all of the changes in the readme). To those that are familiar with the Upgrade Patch, you could consider this Version 1.7 of it.

Here are just a few of the changes that have been made to this game:

  • Converted to Mapper 4: MMC3.
  • Graphics format converted to CHR-ROM.
  • The game now has the ability to save and load your progress.
  • All-new titlescreen.
  • Boss-preview screen is now like Mega Man 2’s.
  • Gameover screen has been updated to look more like Mega Man 2’s.
  • Updated palettes for Cut Man and Elec Man stages.
  • Score and score balls have been removed from the game.
  • Select button toggles between obtained weapons (hence removing the pause feature).

This is the ultimate Mega Man enhancement patch!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 5DED683E
  • MD5: 4D4FFDFE7979B5F06DEC2CF3563440AD
  • SHA-1: 2F88381557339A14C20428455F6991C1EB902C99
  • SHA-256: 58FB9EF0C14C2947332929B9330D56C38A78040FD388274C39EFD84E8D5446C7




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User Review Information

The Best Version Of The Original Mega Man So Far

Reviewed By: ComboMan on 14 Feb 2019

This Hack was, and is, amazing. Taking away the point system is a major plus in my book. The point balls are just annoying and serve no real purpose other than getting a bigger score just for bragging rights (which nowadays doesn’t compare to much). Having real-time weapon switching is a nice addition. And since the weapon switching is used with the Select button, there is now no more pause trick, which is fine since the damage taken is reduced fairly for the most part. The addition of the energy and weapon energy pick-ups being replaced by the ones in later games is pretty cool too.

Aside from all the awesome stuff mentioned, and the stuff I probably missed on my playthrough, there are a couple things I noticed that should be looked at. First, in keeping with the remastered theme I think having Mega Man stop instantly when releasing left or right should be implemented as it would go along with the other changes, but using FateForWindows’s Mega Man: No Slide hack alleviates this problem. Second, while entering the next screen, no matter what weapon is equipped, Mega Man turns back to his original blue color, while still keeping the selected weapon, along with the weapon energy having the same color as the Magnet Beam. I don’t know if this is because of the No Slide hack or what but it does need to be looked at either way.

I had a great time with this version of the game and I highly, highly recommend this to anyone who is curious or just wants an updated gameplay experience to the original Mega Man. You will not be disappointed.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The Best Version Of The Original Mega Man So FarComboMan14 Feb 20191.0Yes
Great hack! And makes you want moreacediez07 Dec 20171.0Yes
Just a simple complant...UltraEpicLeader10005 Jun 20171.0Yes
Mega Man: Room For Improvement PatchRafaelele16 Jun 20161.6Yes
Few improvements, but improvements anywayThirteen 135525 Nov 20151.6Yes