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Phantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Relocalization

Hack of Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium


Phantasy Star Generation:4 is a comprehensive retranslation and relocalization of PSIV, utilizing fan-translated PS scripts and resources and PS team interview and created by a professional writer/editor team.

As SEGA canceled “Phantasy Star Generation:4″ many years ago, this project aimed to create a definitive, series-ending Phantasy Star experience.


  • Restore every mistranslated connection to the other PS games
  • Incorporate The Cutting Room Floor’s retranslation notes to best express Japanese creators’ intent in all dialog.
  • A more colloquial, fun, and emotional script (from NPCs to main story)
  • Add PS lore gathered from PS team interviews and official SEGA resources
  • Add depth to character personalities and relationships
  • Explain the few plot holes and character choices that had been given no in-game reasoning (see project site for details – spoilers)
  • Proper grammar and capitalization
  • Include lory1990 bugfixes

NEW: Added dialog to 3 story scenes connecting one of the major antagonists to a party member, per an unearthed, recent developer interview.

We now have a clearer understanding of these two characters’ motivations, and as well as how they came to be where they are at the start of PSIV. In the author’s opinion, this revelation (which was cut because of deadlines) mends the only weak part of PSIV’s story.

  • ***NOTE: The two patches are 99.9% the same.****

Do not fret over which to try. See below for more explanation. _______________________________________________________________________

Graphics/sound are unmodified from SEGA’s English release, besides adding in monsters present in Japanese that were censored in the West.

Features a few minor item/weapon buffs, plus updated descriptions and brand-new descriptions for items that had none.

Please visit the project website for more screenshots and “director” notes. (

“Found in Fanslation” podcast on the project site interviews key contributors to this project and to PS fandom for Westerners to enjoy.

Let’s Play Creator’s Commentary on YouTube (Complete):

If you're otherwise a fan of Working Designs-style RPG writing style (specifically Lunar and Lunar: EB on SEGA CD), you might best enjoy the additions.

NOTE on Character Names/Proper Nouns: Almost every English-speaking PS fan has their preferences for PS terms. Feel free to contact the author (if you'd like a version with all Japanese names, for instance) about custom patches.

More project info, screenshots, etc. at: [url]

The author welcomes all feedback, good and bad. Make your voice heard so this can be even better!

More than 2 years of feedback helped make this project what it is today, which is aimed to bring you the optimal way to experience the best multi-game RPG tale in classic gaming – Phantasy Star!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Phantasy Star IV (USA)
  • CRC32: FE236442
  • MD5: 84CBD0FF47F3C8E9D21D2C2FC39185FA
  • SHA-1: BC7FF6D6A8408F38562BC610F24645CAD6C42629




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
GhaleonUnlimitedHackingRewriting, editing, coding; series research; ongoing updates
FlamePurgeScript Editing/RevisionPS series references; project advice & support; original Proper-caser mod
lory1990Original HackingCreated original disassembly (made this possible); Bugfix mod; Post-release testing/editing/coding/c
bgeOriginal HackingHelped add project credits
SquirrelScript Editing/RevisionTons of typos fixed & grammar help

User Review Information

Feels like a Working Designs translation

Reviewed By: butane bob on 01 Feb 2019

The changes to the main character Alys’s personality are for the worse. She was a strong confident commander in the original, now she’s a rotten c*nt. Putting down everyone she comes across, name calling, berating and being a complete smart arse at every opportunity. You know how Joss Whedon’s scripts are just full of way too many quips? how everyone is a comedian and it’s really insufferable?, this is kinda like that, except really mean spirited. I do not want anything to do with this character anymore as she is now just awful.

Some of the jokes and references and humour that the NPC’s and character sprout is completely out of place in the world of Phantasy Star, like NPC’s calling someone an “emo kid”. Does that mean that Earth’s 1990’s emo music is now part of the Phantasy Star canon?

Also I’ve run into some pretty bad bugs too - specifically if you use the party chat feature, the text box glitches out, and then the character portraits get stuck to the background graphics. You have to walk until they scroll off screen to get rid of them.

Honestly I’d stick with the original translation. The characters are much more human and aren’t trying to be comedians or quippy every 5 seconds. Add some bug fixes or font rendering hacks if you like but this newly written dialogue is not suited to this type of game.

Version 3.1 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Very refreshing rework of the scriptGavin the Demon28 May 20226.1Yes
Not good as i hoped, i don't recommend it.Felipefpl19 Aug 20216.01No
Took a while, but it got therezoinknoise25 Jan 20216.0Yes
PS4 goodness for every kind of personRed Soul06 Jun 20205.0Yes
It makes the dialogues way more interestingRafasilvakrav504 Jun 20204.6Yes
I agree that the tone of some characters seem offisoacc30 May 20194.0No
Great RelocalizationMerton09 May 20193.5Yes
Feels like a Working Designs translationbutane bob01 Feb 20193.1No