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Fire Emblem: Fallen King

Hack of Fire Emblem


This is a short 8-chapter FE7 ROM hack. It’s a pretty simple hack, with no new special classes or crazy features or anything. It does have all new maps and characters.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Fire Emblem (USA, Australia)
  • (No-Intro version 20130720-015858)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: C735FDBB9E8ABE19E0C6A44708DF19ACC962E204
  • ROM CRC32: 2A524221




User Review Information


Reviewed By: Darrman on 27 Jan 2019

Fallen King’s description doesn’t really try to hype it up, and that’s because there’s nothing to really hype up. The writing quality is low, and the characters are one-note. An evil kingdom is trying to take over the world to revive the dark dragon, and our hero goes and beats them up. Optional dialogue really does not take itself seriously, with secret ninjas popping up everywhere and Link being a playable character for some reason, despite Hyrule having absolutely no relation to the world of the hack.

Some animations are imported from the other two Game Boy games for the important characters, but there are no unique animations designed especially for the hack. Unit portraits are “splices”, meaning they are constructed from parts of other portraits. Their small portraits are also simple face cutouts, which is regarded as lazy by many. A small handful of edited weapons just use vanilla icons. For example, the Reginleif uses the Brave Lance icon instead of importing its actual icon from Fire Emblem 8.

Talking about the gameplay is the most important part, and it’s not really anything interesting. All units are already promoted, fighting other enemies also promoted. Neither are particularly strong, but the enemies rarely are capable of threatening the player. Baiting and switching single enemies will generally work in the early chapters. Later on, the hacker took inspiration from Fire Emblem 3 and sent an enemy with very high stats to chase the player down, but by the time he arrives in most chapters, the player should be near the end of the chapter and not be severely threatened. Not so coincidentally, the chaser’s portrait is a poorly-resized edit of Astria, the chaser of Fire Emblem 3, and even steals his “catchphrase” from Fire Emblem 11.

I will also take the chance to mention some utterly ridiculous treasure placement. In the second chapter, there is a treasure chest surrounded completely by walls, which no unit can reach on first glance. However, these walls are low walls, which the player’s sole flying unit can cross. The shop in the previous chapter does not sell chest keys, so to get this chest, one must rescue the assassin across the wall and drop him by the chest, except there are also some more chests in a more reasonable location he must also open. This chest is completely worth it to get, with a brave bow making any archer much more useful.

In short, Fallen King is a short hack without much of note. Play it if you want something quick and simple, but don’t expect chapters or characters of any substance.

Version 1.2 Recommended - No

User Reviews
UnremarkableDarrman27 Jan 20191.2No
Short, but enjoyableRecca12 Jun 20181.2Yes