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Into the Blue



Into the Blue is a puzzle game that plays similar to Tetris Attack. The goal of the project was to create a Game Boy game that comes close to a commercially released game from back in the day.

Into the Blue features:

  • 9 Speed levels
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • 3 In-game songs (plus 1 title song)
  • 1 Competitive mode for 2 players

Please check out for more information.



RHDN Homebrew ImageRHDN Homebrew ImageRHDN Homebrew Image

User Review Information

Pretty fun and addicting!

Reviewed By: phantom_with_a_rose on 03 Jan 2019

If you are a fan of classic puzzle games on the original Game Boy (e.g. “Tetris”, “Dr. Mario”, and “Yoshi’s Cookie”), this one is definitely worth checking out! It has that good ol’ retro feel, while still managing to feel like a completely new and original game at the same time. I love the music and sound effects, too. Worth playing!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Pretty fun and addicting!phantom_with_a_rose03 Jan 20191.0Yes