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Mario's Picross X

Hack of Mario's Picross


Mario’s Picross X is a full hack of Mario’s Picross, with 256 new puzzles to solve.

All of the puzzle solutions in Mario’s Picross X are based on retro gaming sprites and images, containing characters such as Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Link and Jet Set Willy.

The package for this hack contains solutions for each of the puzzles, including references to the games/systems on which they are based.

Good luck!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • The rom to patch is Mario's Picross (UE) [S][!].gb
  • No-Intro Name: Mario's Picross (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)
  • (No-Intro version 20130802-061634)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 9712F37171B8A0CDC99A60170EA7B2AED161195E
  • ROM Size: 262144 (40000)
  • ROM CRC32: F2D652AD




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Ross Adkin (TidusRenegade)Hacking

User Review Information

Not even three puzzles in... Edit: Thirty six as well.

Reviewed By: Giga571 on 01 Feb 2019

and I already have to guess. Picross is meant to be a game about logic - using the hints provided, you’re supposed to be able to figure out all of the spaces that need to be filled in. However, 1B, 1E and 1F so far (that’s as far as I’ve played) have all had multiple possible solutions. I’d advise you to check out Picross Touch on the Steam store - it’s completely free, and has a verification system to confirm whether your puzzles would actually be possible to complete using the hints alone.

I cannot recommend this hack under any circumstances if this trend continues in the hints.

Edit: Since Maeson edited their review, I figure I should edit mine. Here’s image evidence of something that should be absolutely unacceptable in a Picross puzzle.

Now, having reached this point in the game (this is puzzle 5-D in Easy Picross, by the way) one might say to themselves “you’re an idiot; it’s a diagonal line from top right to bottom left”. However, Picross is a logic puzzle, as I have stated previously. There are six possible solutions to this puzzle. They are all equally, logically valid. The game will penalize you (two minutes for the first mistake, four for the second, six for the third, and eight for every subsequent mistake) for choosing the wrong one. This is ridiculous. In the original game, a situation like this would never occur, because the puzzles were ran through playtesting such that all these logical fallacies would be caught. This is why I recommended Picross Touch; it has an automatic verification system. You cannot submit this puzzle to the Steam Workshop; filled square limits notwithstanding, it is physically impossible to complete this puzzle without guessing this last 3×3 grid. Errors like this would be found before even coding the puzzle into the hack, and worked out as the author sees fit. In later games, starting I believe in Mario no Super Picross, “Free Mode” was added, both as an extra challenge and a reason to put more puzzles in the game. Free Mode does not penalize you for mistakes like this -

I’ve got 81 hours in Picross Touch alone. I’ve completed Picross S on the Switch, the original Mario’s Picross, Picross E1, E2, E3, My Nintendo Picross TLOZ Twilight Princess, and the two japanese-only Picross titles on the 3DS. I’ve also completed Picross 3D 2, though that has a different set of rules due to you having to carve the solution out of a rectangular prism which is at most 10×10x10, and fill two separate colors in on the shape to differentiate between full cube pieces and non-cube pieces, like slopes or cylinders. Not that I need to prove myself, but I can tell when a Picross puzzle is garbage due to a logic error.

This is unacceptable game design. Get your puzzles playtested, or do it yourself with a verification algorithm.

Version v1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
This hack doesn't understand difficulty curveLongtime432107 Apr 2022v1.0No
Too much guessingStratosVX10 Jan 2019v1.0No
Needs improvement.phantom_with_a_rose03 Jan 2019v1.0No
Already guessing in kinokohookaffy31 Dec 2018v1.0No
Judging fast is not very wise. -Edited-Maeson05 Jan 2019v1.0Yes
Not even three puzzles in... Edit: Thirty six as well.Giga57101 Feb 2019v1.0No