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Legend of Banjo

Hack of The Legend of Zelda


This is a complete Zelda 1 rehash themed around the Banjo-Kazooie series. You must go on a jiggy-collecting adventure to save your kidnapped sister from the clutches of the ugly witch Gruntilda! The changes include:

→Redrawn sprites and tiles;

→New dungeons and puzzles providing moderate difficulty;

→A challenging swordless (or bird-less) second quest mode;

→A redesigned overworld filled to the brim with secrets;

→Completely edited songs to follow the Banjo-Kazooie universe;

→Witty rhymes and funny lines.

Find the player’s map here! It should help you on your quest.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG0).nes
  • MD5: 337BD6F1A1163DF31BF2633665589AB0
  • SHA-1: DAB79C84934F9AA5DB4E7DAD390E5D0C12443FA2
  • CRC32: D7AE93DF
  • SHA-256: 8F72DC2E98572EB4BA7C3A902BCA5F69C448FC4391837E5F8F0D4556280440AC




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Cute, Fun LoZ Hack

Reviewed By: firedropdl on 19 Nov 2018

Like the previous reviewer of the game, I didn’t have any “Banjo” experience going into this hack. I’ve been watching a lot of LoZ and Zelda II randomizer races and wanted to start trying out some of the hacks we’ve got here and maybe see if I’ve got what it takes to compete (sadly, I think my patience may be lacking).

I actually had a lot of fun playing this hack, using my newly acquired Zelda skills learned by watching some of the best speedrunners around, I made pretty short work of dungeons 1 through 8 considering everything is different and it’s not just a skin hack here. I started thinking that randomizer speedruns might possibly be in my future…

Then I got to dungeon 9 and it destroyed me (and my patience).

Holy crap that got hard… quick! Unlike the other reviewer who didn’t seem to think 9 was hard, I ended up doing something I rarely ever do which is try out game genie codes just so I could see the ending. I actually did this because I thought I had done a bad patch job because of the aesthetics of level 9. I won’t ruin them here, but just say that I spoke with Charade in PM and this was how the level was designed to be. I suggested he should put out an update patch where one of the characters were in the dungeon to tell you something like “Don’t blow on your cartridge. Everything is as planned”. I think it would fit the lighthearted comedy of the rest of this hack rather well and clear up any confusion for those who see that and freak out.

Also, unlike the other reviewer, now that I know that 9 played exactly as intended, I have to disagree about level 9 not being well thought out. I thought it was a great “Boss Rush” mode style final level that is somewhat reminiscent of the Mega Man franchise. It’s utilized by an entirely unique way for LoZ games to use keys that Charade has going on with this hack.

Though I think the difficulty of the hack gets ramped up far too high in the 1st quest’s 9th dungeon, I feel that Charade did a great job here and has a talent for level design that could be an inspiration to other hackers out there.

Thanks for sharing.

Version 3.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
good hack but your progress isnt savedkcin200125 Dec 20183.3Yes
Very good hack but can't remember game saveserpster221 Nov 20183.3Yes
Cute, Fun LoZ Hackfiredropdl19 Nov 20183.3Yes
Excellent Hack, very much worth playingKuhurdler14 Jun 20183.3Yes