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The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Wisdom

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Wisdom follows the original design of ‘Zelda3 Goddess of Wisdom’ but is edited to create a more comprehensive experience for novice and/or expert players that feels akin to something Nintendo would release.

This hack built upon the framework created in ‘Zelda3 Goddess of Wisdom’ with all due respect to the original author(s), and is made to correct some of the issues observed in the final ‘Zelda3 Goddess of Wisdom’ release.


FINAL RELEASE - 1.21 unless any other bugs are found.

  • Note: A glitch is referenced in a review of this hack- but cannot be recreated by the creator. Please contact jammer506 if there are any issues with this section of the game.

Main changes include:

  • Proper title screen
  • Introduced a story-line
  • Complete text overhaul - Introduction, dialogue, NPC, etc…
  • Optional Hero’s Clothes in Uncle’s House (Offers protection of Red Mail - Only takes 1/4 of original damage)
  • Edited sprites for several enemies
  • New sprites for Ganon
  • Simplified dungeon mechanics (Enemy placement, maneuvering, etc… without detracting from original design)


  • Various bug fixes as submitted by RHDN Community
  • New text edits
  • Additional changes to dungeon rooms for traditional players
  • Title screen restored


  • Armos Boss HP Restored (Outline provided by superskuj)
  • Title screen revised further
  • Other adjustments to graphics and item placement


  • Game-breaking bug involving Magic Flute repaired


  • Minor revisions to enhance gameplay


  • Text error in intro removed
  • Consumable item placement improved


  • Color palette of dungeons reworked
  • Consumable item placement further improved


  • Revision back to previous titlescreen and color palette from Puzzledude’s upload.

Various bugs and glitches (graphical/text) may remain from the original hack, or have been created through this new hack. Please report them to jammer506 using the email included in the readme, and they will attempt to repair them.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Legend of Zelda, The - A link to the Past [Europe]
  • CRC32: 04D55E12




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
PuzzleDudeOriginal HackingSupervisor, lead hacker, main dungeon designer, overworld adoptation, beta testing, debugging
SePHOriginal HackingMain overworld designer
Dude ManOriginal HackingDungeon design (prototypes)
OmegaOriginal HackingOverworld design (prototypes)
jammer506HackingAddendum/remodel supervisor

User Review Information

Was a challenge but was it worth it?

Reviewed By: Revarent on 10 Nov 2018

I spent a while playing this version of Goddess of Wisdom and I am left feeling a little dissatisfied. I finished this game feeling more frustrated than anything but I also felt accomplished because it was a true challenge, if only a convoluted one. It can be very much construed as poor design being a bulk the difficulty.


  • The storyline was not cohesive, interesting, and nearly zero effort was put into it. Also, nothing in the way of side quests or stories.
  • The hack was created to be extremely linear, you will not be skipping anything or choosing your own paths, unlocking new areas is predicated on the previous dungeons items
  • The heart pieces in the game are basically given out like candy, little effort was put into the overworld so you will essentially get every heart piece without much challenge or searching.
  • The dungeons are FILLED with backtracking, I can’t even count how many times I had to run around in circles because I didn’t flip a switch or confused by the graphical tricks that make the player second guess everything. Many puzzles are set up to punish the player.
  • You don’t get the sword upgrade or boots until 70% through the game, so enjoy dealing with 3-5 hit monsters all game, and slow travel + backtracking.
  • The dark world aspect is more of a graphical novelty than apart of the game, there is no use for the mirror (when you get it 99% through, it would have been really nice for dungeon resets much earlier) and nothing to explore.
  • The overworld map is useless, and the overworld itself feels cluttered/amateur, the gold gloves aren’t used, yet there are tons of gold glove stones making you feel like there is something to be found
  • There are various graphical bugs throughout the game, tacky.. but doesn’t effect the game.
  • Money is basically used for three things, upgrading bombs/arrows (75% through the game aka. useless), buying blue potions, and buying the flippers
  • There was WAY too much emphasis on finding small keys in this game, it got old quickly…
  • How to get the flute needs to be WAY more intuitive, this applies to a couple of other graphical tricks (they come across as bad riddles). I found myself saying “why would I ever think to do that?” after looking at a walkthrough several times.


  • I really enjoyed the themes behind many locations and levels, some dungeon puzzles were fun
  • Getting the red tunic right off the bat at first annoyed me, but thank god, although it doesn’t make much difference as a majority of the damage you will be taking is from traps, which is the same regardless of tunics.
  • The remodel of the boss rooms/bosses and areas leading up to the bosses was very well done
  • There were a lot of satisfying challenges in the dungeons that made things interesting
  • The lack of help/direction made things interesting, felt like classic NES Zelda
  • This game is 100% completable with few bugs and does provide a solid challenge, but don’t expect a polished gem.

Overall, it was a worthy challenge. I would give it a 6/10. Worth a play but don’t expect any warm fuzzys… maybe a sore thumb.

Version 1.21 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Was a challenge but was it worth it?Revarent10 Nov 20181.21Yes
Much BetterDarklink788401 May 20201.21Yes
Well worth another playpuzzledude19 May 20171.0Yes