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This tool lets you quickly insert a list of files in a PSX ISO. You can choose the ISO format and optionally regen ECC/EDC on the fly.

Instructions are in Chinese but are easily understandable.


User Review Information

Useful for Turbo-CD too

Reviewed By: hollowaytape on 26 Oct 2018

I needed to reinsert some edited data into a Turbo CD iso, which uses CD Mode 1 (2352-byte sectors, with 2048 bytes of data and the rest is EDC/ECC). With this utility I was able to reinsert it and have it re-calculate all of the error-correcting codes, which is exactly what I needed. It worked flawlessly.

Don’t be put off by the “in Chinese but easily understandable” comment, just use Google Translate and it’s quite clear.

Two quality-of-life improvements I’d like to see: 1) The utility runs in its own command-line window. Since I’m running it from the command line anyway, I’d love for it to run in the same window. 2) The utility exits immediately after it finishes, so you can’t really see error messages. Because of this, you can’t tell a successful run from a failed one.

The source code is included so these improvements are very possible.

Version 0.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Useful for Turbo-CD toohollowaytape26 Oct 20180.5Yes