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Castlevania III: Curse of the Moon Hack ROM

Hack of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse


Castlevania III: Curse of the Moon

This hack brings CotM characters, enemies and bosses to Castlevania III.

  • Trevor (Miriam),
  • Grant (Zangetsu),
  • Sypha (Alfred),
  • Alucard (Gebel),
  • Death (Bloodless),
  • Dracula 3rd form (Gremory).

There’s a lot of changes here (despite characters), such recolored stages, added shortcuts, modified code, new story and even more!

Some changes to keep in mind…

  • Increased hearts consumption for each subweapon, Dagger 2, Axe 3, Dark Flow 4 (5 in AD), Scythe 5, Ice 4 (now deals damage to bosses in US version), Fire 4 (5 in AD), Lit 5 (6 in AD) Stopwatch 7, Gebel bat form drains hearts faster.
  • Removed III random drop, it only can be found in walls.
  • Shortcuts, Subweapons hall and a well known secret place.
  • Gebel attack in stairs (see readme).
  • Prefixed damage: Miriam and Gebel 3 HP in all levels, Zang and Alfred 3 HP in early and mid levels (weak and normal enemies in AD), 4 HP in last levels (strong enemies in AD).

Update v1.1

  • Enhanced characters sprites.
  • Fixed door bug in Cause Way (AD).
  • Fixed wrong warp in Sunken City (US).
  • Gebel’s attack increased (US).
  • Harder pre-pendulums room (US).
  • Fixed/Added fake floor in Aquarius (AD).
  • Removed Debug mode.

Update v1.2

  • Fixed broken AD ROM (thanks again ReVamp c: )
  • Updated Deja Vu, Riddle and Castle keep Moon with CotM graphics. (US)
  • NO more level layout updates to AD, revamp tends to break the ROM.

Update 1.3 (US only)

  • Fixed Riddle stairs
  • Ship stage with CotM graphics (Stage 5).
  • Removed auto scroll in Clock Tower 1.
  • Bats easier to see.
  • Restored Clock Tower colors and Blue sky.
  • Decreased W consumption for some sub-weapons.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • No-Intro Name: Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130731-235630)
  • File SHA-1: F91281D5D9CC26BCF6FB4DE2F5BE086BC633D49B
  • ROM SHA-1: 23C4DAFCC17FA75E8D682931702277659CD59735
  • -
  • File MD5 D16A502D0125F23CC3D980DDC6B6F2E8
  • File SHA-1 F91281D5D9CC26BCF6FB4DE2F5BE086BC633D49B
  • File CRC32 7CC9C669
  • ROM MD5 BFC4D9791D9FE9C181DAD794D66DEF4F
  • ROM SHA-1 23C4DAFCC17FA75E8D682931702277659CD59735
  • ROM CRC32 ED2465BE




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Red XHackingCode
Richter RizerDesignZangetsu wall climb sprite

User Review Information

Its A Typical Sprite Switch Up But Its Kinda Okay. Kinda...

Reviewed By: Sinis on 08 Oct 2018

Its just your basic, typical sprite and story switch-a-roo stuff going on. Not much else has changed except a few changes here and there however they are not significant changes, not even the levels.

  • Get rid of the debug menu. That’s annoying to have.
  • Some modified code so that’s a plus but not much.
  • Miriam needs reworked on everything.
  • Zangetsu isn’t too bad but feels off when walking and moving especially the wall climbing. Feels like Grant reskinned while wall climbing. Why does Zangetsu have to wall climb? Should be a different character since you ’scooted’ up the sprite to fit like everything else so you have some programming knowledge to change him up.
  • Alfred is okay but feels stiff and odd especially when doing sub weapons.
  • Gebel is not bad compared to the rest since he is an Alucard duplicate.
  • Have to patch in a specific code for Gebel to attack on the stairs and has to be him only. Should be programmed in the base patch since you have someone that knows how to program.
  • The shortcuts are just areas opened up for certain characters in each level. Doesn’t mean much since the levels weren’t touch greatly at all.
  • The levels are barely touched with a few changes here and there (above statement.) Felt very dull.
  • Enemy placements need work.
  • The music is the absolute same.
  • Game play is somewhat fair but has a few cheap shot areas like in the first Clocktower, the falling whip Trevor comes out of nowhere due to the auto scroll you guys placed in it.
  • Backgrounds are not changed except for a few areas.
  • Palette swaps felt absolutely dull with no proper blending.

I strongly recommend this team on going back to redo the character sprites especially Miriam. After that, redo everything else. You guys had some stuff switched around from the actual game but others are untouched and/or swapped with other stuff with only palette swaps.

Take your time and put more effort into a 2.0 version. This felt that it was hastily done.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A Major DisappointmentAceearly199313 Jun 20191.3No
A Neat Idea But Poor ExecutionEldrethor16 Oct 20181.2No
Its A Typical Sprite Switch Up But Its Kinda Okay. Kinda...Sinis08 Oct 20181.0No