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Final Fantasy IV - Ultima

Hack of Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy IV - Ultima is a ‘deluxe’ version of Final Fantasy II for the SNES. This hack adds a bunch of additions to the base game while keeping the majority of the main story intact and the feel of FF2US the same.

List of features, additions and changes:

  • Party Swapping among 10 different members at Endgame!!
  • Dark Knight Cecil now available at endgame!!
  • A VERY Challenging BOSS RUSH Mode unlocked at endgame!!
  • New Game+ mode with higher MAX level/stats!!
  • 45 New Weapons! Including Magically Imbued Weapons!
  • 60 New Spells/Summons! Also revamped existing spells!
  • 36 New Bosses! Brand New Boss at Endgame with Randomized AI!
  • New Status ‘Aura/Color’ for buffs/ailments during battle!!
  • Damage Limit increased to 14999! Can turn Encounters On/Off!
  • New Areas! New Side Quests! New and Upgradable Commands!!
  • New Enemy Graphics! New Events! New Endgame Scenarios!
  • New Equipment/Spell Menus with DETAILED info!!
  • New attack/swing/spell animations!
  • New weapon graphics!! New sound effects! New items!!
  • New maps, new areas and new edits to overworld maps!
  • New events! New enemies!! Sprint with the Y button!!
  • New commands for characters. New Armors and Gears!
  • Revamped shops/equipment and balanced their progression.
  • Dark Knight Cecil now dual-wields and is 2-handed!!
  • Edge is now buffed offensively! Stealing is also buffed!
  • Rydia has also been buffed. It’s a surprise!
  • Cecil has been buffed as a tank.
  • Rosa can use more White Mage combative gears.
  • Kain has new offensive buffing spells.
  • Yang, Edward, Palom, Porom and others have also been buffed!
  • Rare items and summons now drop much easier! This hack’s main game is designed as a ‘play-through’ without grinding.
  • Many enemies now have meaningful rare drops, and all end-game enemies now have rare ultimate drops!
  • Lots of secrets that can lead to early acquirement of better equipment!
  • Few minor tweaks to the base game such as save points, etc.
  • MOST items/equipment are now non-missable. Meaning they will be acquirable in some ways at end-game.

More guides and info at:


ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy II (U) [!] (v1.1).smc
  • English
  • Version 1.1
  • Unheadered (1,049,088 bytes)
  • CRC-32: 23084FCD
  • MD-5: 27D02A4F03E172E029C9B82AC3DB79F7
  • SHA-1: 41A74EB369A7A91815529EF99AB1B20E20E2BDF3E26




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
8-bit fanHackingHack Creator
chillyfeezHackingTechnical Producer - ASM work
Ace_AileronScript Editing/RevisionAdditional dialogue/descriptions
vivify93HackingProject II
Grimoire LDHackingCritical Hit bug fix, Adamant Armor bug fix
Myself086HackingImproved Sprint function
b0ardfaceHackingAttack Power Overflow bug fix
AexodenHackingVarious ASM work
Crow!HackingAdvanced Equipment Screen mod

User Review Information

Final Fantasy Fans, New or Old, Definitely Give it a Go

Reviewed By: Webbhead08 on 26 Sep 2018

TL;DR No major glitches, great new content, mildly increased difficulty, Fantastic end game

I hadn’t played Final Fantasy 2 / IV in a long while but it has always been a favorite of mine within the series (and all-time), I still have my cartridge for the SNES.

I will preface the rest of my review: I was just around 22 hours of in-game clock to complete, which included a bit of rushing in certain parts but also completed just about all of the side quests and most item finding.

The game starts out a little bit on the easy side of things (I kinda zoomed through here), and while familiar it doesn’t take long before you would notice the changes from the original, for those that know it. Maybe 2-3 hours in.

The changes breathe some fresh life into an old game.

As you progress further in, around 4-5 hours when your party starts to fill up it really starts to feel like a hack of a game you know, familiar but different. This is where I got hooked and pretty much binged the rest of the game.

Hours 5-15 for me included some tricky spots, some upgraded enemies, the bosses are certainly tougher but not insane. The new and reworked spells, new weapons and armor etc. all flow very nicely into the game; nothing required, nothing OP either.

When you reach ‘end game’ (I don’t want to give anything away) this was about hours 16 or 17 for me, this is when the game takes on another spike in difficulty. One I welcomed since I always thought the original was a bit too easy by the time you get there. And the game takes on another, nice level of ‘new’ as well. I could have spent a lot longer grinding and exploring this last section but my drive to get to the end was strong. Lots of new bosses here which will challenge even veterans, but they aren’t impossible, and there are hints for strategy along the way if you find them.

**The end game was truly a treat, and very rewarding to play through after an already enjoyable journey**

If I was stuck or feeling under-powered, a bit of enemy slaying would yield exp and levels, as well as gold to buy upgraded equipment.

All the new gears (and chars ability to equip), deserve a nod in their own right, this alone gave the game a nice new flavor.

So I never felt truly stuck, and if you are clever (or sometimes patient) enough you can even get through tougher spots under powered, so there are not really any ‘level-checks’ which is nice as well.

If you come across a tough boss and don’t win the first time, consider your strategy first, then perhaps another level or two for your chars. If still stuck…

***The one thing I would say, the in-game Battle Speed (Menu, Custom) is almost like a difficulty setting. I had trouble with a boss or two, slowed my battle speed down, and voila - victory. So just be aware if having trouble slowing things down can help a lot.*** I played on 1 fastest to start, slowed to 3 somewhere in the middle, and slowed to 6 for a couple boss fights but basically ran 3 for most of the game.

All and all, this was excellent. I have played 50-100 different Megaman, Super Metroid, random, and of course Final Fantasy hacks.


A very big thanks to 8-bit fan, the creator, who was extremely helpful and responsive to the inquiries I had along the way.

This is an awesome hack! Play it!


Version 1.0c Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Play Itsmbai02 May 202125kYes
11/10 hack for suresd2207 Apr 202121.5Yes
The ultima.Anoram09 Mar 202122.1Yes
WOW ! Unbelievableryanimay09 Jan 202120kYes
One of a kind standard.Old_gamer20 Dec 202020kYes
Amazing Hackeinlanzer18 Dec 202012.1bYes
Shaping up to be one of the best hacks of all time!firedropdl11 Sep 202011.5Yes
Best romhack I've ever playedIMainLucas24 Aug 202011.21Yes
One of the best expansion mod I playedElia11 Aug 202011.21Yes
A fantastic mod that is ultimate version of FFIVedgeworth07 Aug 202011.2Yes
Best FF4 hack out there, by far.NWCHAOS20 Jul 202010.2Yes
The best version of FFIV to playatlanta4023 May 20209.0Yes
Overpowered post game bosses that require grinding.zeteginara18 May 20209.0No
Not enough new content to keep me goingLigeia15 Apr 20208.52No
Good game, but still need some upgradesVolganos05 Apr 20208.35Yes
Ultima Edition is right!Cronobolt22 Feb 20208.0Yes
Not just the best FFIV hack ever, but possibly the best *ROM HACK* ever.scarlet15 Feb 20207.01Yes
Unlocks the "Ultima" potential of Final Fantasy IVAce_Aileron14 Feb 20207.01Yes
Lotta Love Went Into ThisPhaxuji11 Mar 20208.30Yes
Nothing Spoony About ThisKarsh Highwind11 Feb 20207.01Yes
An authentic but vastly improved experience.mathguy8608 Feb 20207.01Yes
Dream come true for FF4 fansNinjatemper15 Nov 20195.41Yes
A Really Good FF4 Expansion Modyeul120306 Nov 20195.21fYes
The best version of Final Fantasy 4 !!nookisabelle24 Aug 20194.31fYes
BeautifulIndyblackmage9730 Jul 20194.10fYes
Great HackQueen Zeal22 Jul 20194.0Yes
This is true present for us !tonshinden23 Jun 20193.21cYes
Awesome hack, play this even if you beaten the original many times.liraman24 Apr 20192.10dYes
The definitive version of Final Fantasy 4!Echoherb03 May 202125kYes
Final Fantasy Fans, New or Old, Definitely Give it a GoWebbhead0826 Sep 20181.0cYes