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Chrono Trigger: Complete

Hack of Chrono Trigger


This Chrono Trigger updates the script of this wonderful game to modern standards, while keeping the nuanced but lovable translation and characteristics of the original script.

The hack combines the loved, quirky translation of the original SNES version, with the more extended script of the DS version, to create the best Chrono Trigger version. Compared, as well, with the Japanese original, for many lines where meanings were initially lost (mostly funny lines from era to era, but also some… surprises).

Apart from that, scenes were added that add a bit more interaction between the characters and NPCs (Lucca and Melchior, for instance). Nothing major, but small things here and there to make the journey more worthwhile, and explore having different characters in your party.

Last, and bigger in scope, more direct references to Chrono Cross story; the Frozen Flame was added as an element in Zeal, and a possibility of what could have happened with Schala, Zeal, the Flame, Dreamstone, the Mammon Machine, and the Gurus. Mostly Chrono Compendium based, but also a bit of the author’s own (original-material based) theory-crafting. Look out for the references, and figure out how the Ocean Palace incident and the fall of Zeal are explained in this version!

The core gameplay is kept from the SNES original, with mostly SNES original names. No extra content from the DS version added.

Ongoing Forum Discussion here.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Name: Chrono Trigger (USA)
  • (version 20130701-030720)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: DE5822F4F2F7A55ACB8926D4C0EAA63D5D989312
  • ROM/File MD5: A2BC447961E52FD2227BAED164F729DC
  • ROM/File CRC32: 2D206BF7
  • Chrono Trigger (USA).sfc (no header)
  • Chrono Trigger (U) [!].smc (header)




User Review Information

Great revisions but could have done more

Reviewed By: Chicken Knife on 30 May 2018

Here are my thoughts on this hack:

First, the added scene elements. Don’t come in with the expectation that you are going to see a ton of new content–it’s sparse and it’s minor, but the good news is that it gels. The author of this hack has done a better job than a lot of official rereleases in the sense that whatever was added, albeit snippets of dialogue, fits congruently with the original product.

The second main element this hack offers is a revised script. It stays pretty close to the original translation–I’d say 80 percent of it seems intact by my rough estimate. Once in awhile, I found myself amused by the minor changes. Many times I couldn’t notice them until I read the scripts side by side. In the end I’d rather have a conservative revision like this than the type of radical retranslation that most often results in a mess.

The one major change in the script is the incorporation of the frozen flame into scenes involving the mammon machine in 12,000 BC. Initially I thought the tie in to Chrono Cross was really cool but later I found that it felt a little tacked on. The original idea of the mammon machine being used to harvest the power of Lavos worked fine and if the author was going to incorporate this new concept I think they could have done a better job creating lore around it so that the idea is less dependent on Chrono Cross for elucidation.

If the author were to revise this work in the future, I would also love to see a revision of things like item names, monster names, tech names, etc. I haven’t completed Chronosplit’s bugfix hack that includes a lot of this (mostly because I’m waiting for a sense that he has completed the work) but I think his hack is doing a great job polishing the overall game. Not only does the complete hack not seem to include the bugfixes that are out there (I haven’t tested but this is my impression) but I’ve also encountered two glitches in my play-through, both being a screen of jarbled text that occurs rarely at the end of battle.

Overall the hack is a positive and anything that adds character interaction in a way that fits the game’s aesthetic is a major win. Great work and I look forward to any updates!

Version 1.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Highly recommended if you want the best of both worlds!phantom_with_a_rose16 Dec 20181.5Yes
Great revisions but could have done moreChicken Knife30 May 20181.5Yes
Nearly flawless - except for FrogDzumeister20 Mar 20181.5Yes