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Final Fantasy VI Relocalization Project

Hack of Final Fantasy III


The Final Fantasy VI Relocalization Project is an attempt to “relocalize” the Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy VI in a way that the original localization team might have done, if they had more time, ROM space, and freedom from censorship to do better.

This hack features a completely new script based heavily on the GBA translation, completely uncensored graphics, a fancy new font, dozens of bugfixes, full descriptions for all items and spells, and a variety of other small fixes and tweaks to make this the best possible version of Final Fantasy VI without altering the actual gameplay in an appreciable way.

Archive contains patches for both headered and unheadered ROMs.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (U) 1.0
  • CRC32: A27F1C7A
  • MD5: E986575B98300F721CE27C180264D890
  • SHA-1: 4f37e4274ac3b2ea1bedb08aa149d8fc5bb676e7
  • SHA-256: 0f51b4fca41b7fd509e4b8f9d543151f68efa5e97b08493e4b2a0c06f5d8d5e2




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
angelo26HackingRestored Ability Names
ArmorVilHackingCyan's SwdTech gauge speedup
assassin17HackingBugfixes and improvements
DarkMageHackingInvisible chests on phantom train fix
DjibrielHackingHomesick Gau fix
Dr. MeatScript Editing/RevisionScript revision, misc hacking, graphics editing/uncensoring, etc
DrakkhenHackingPhysical damage overflow fix / Ignore Kamog fix
KejardonHackingFor What Ails Ya
LenophisHackingBugfixes and improvements
Leviathan MistHacking255 hours on timer patch
Master ZEDHackingDash button and bugfixes
Novalia SpiritHackingBugfixes
Terii SenshiHackingUncensored monster and esper sprites, bugfixes
YazooHackingFFVI Title screen mod

User Review Information

A few issues but a solid improvement

Reviewed By: TheSiege on 03 May 2018

First of all, I would like to state that I am very knowledgeable about Final Fantasy VI. Here is my full 8 hour playthrough of what is normally considered to be a 40 hour experience.

  • spoilers*

Right out of the gate, I want to talk about the huge nerf to Raiden that almost had me considering giving the game a non-recommend. In the original game, after obtaining Raiden it is no longer possible to raise the speed stat through espers. The patch addresses this by giving Raiden the stat boost associated with Odin, the esper that you trade in. The flaw here is that Raiden gave you a +2 Strength boost, which is a huge improvement over the +1 boost to Speed that you’re now going to get. To add insult to insult, Maduin’s boost to Magic has been nerfed to giving a boost to speed as well. So what was the point of nuking Raiden? Why is this such a big deal? Besides speed being a relatively bad stat to raise, having one of your characters level with only Raiden would give them a 100% chance of victory at the coliseum. Thanks to this patch, that is no longer an option.

  • end spoilers*

It’s really nice that a lot of game breaking bugs have been fixed and it’s nice to see the game play out the way it was intended.

That being said, I’m a big fan of the new translation. If there were a way to download the translation while leaving behind the questionable decisions, that would be great. If there were a way to pick and choose, that would be even better.

Until then, I would recommend this to fans of Final Fantasy VI, just keep in mind that it’s going to be slightly more difficult than usual.

Version 1.041 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
DOES NOT WORK on real hardwareKFCTwister17 Jan 20201.05No
Drier than a desert fox on crack cocaine.BlazeHeatnix03 Jul 20191.05No
Probable a better Cyan balancing patch out.Teathief12 Mar 20191.05Yes
Great, albeit with some text issuesNH57905 Mar 20191.05Yes
Great writing, minor issueChicken Knife18 Feb 20191.05Yes
A few issues but a solid improvementTheSiege03 May 20181.041Yes
Not just another revision/bugfix patch.Chronosplit29 Oct 20151.03Yes