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Castlevania COTM: Hugh Baldwin Hack

Hack of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon


IPS Patching is required to play.

This is a hack that changes Nathan Graves to Hugh Baldwin from in Castlevania Circle of the Moon.

Although its mostly a graphics hack there is one key thing that has been changed other than Nathan being replaced with Hugh, and that is that Nathan’s whip has also been changed to a longer version of Hugh’s sword. Also Nathan’s pause portrait has been replaced with a portrait of Hugh Baldwin.

This hack works with the Castlevania Circle of the Moon US version of the rom.


The new 4.2 version of the hack now features Hugh’s ingame and battle sprites now replaced with Nathan’s so now there will be no more having 2 Hugh’s ingame and now you can battle Nathan who uses Hugh’s moveset.

Depending on the feedback there may be touchups with this hack at a later date, enjoy!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Castlevania - Circle of the Moon (U) [!].gba
  • Length: 8388608 Bytes (64 Mbit)
  • CRC32: 1CC059A4
  • MD5: 50A10896 00603A94 E15ECF28 7F8D5A1F
  • SHA1: D661B01E B9418643 5723AC03 344792C1 1C20C522




User Review Information

Good looking sprites, not great for glitched speedruns

Reviewed By: Giga571 on 29 Apr 2018

I’ve got four main problems with this hack. One, the menu portrait isn’t quite as good as the dialog portrait, in my opinion. Two, none of the dialog was changed, so you’ve still got Nathan speaking on Hugh’s behalf. Three, they didn’t add Hugh’s longer hair to all of the sprites - that’s basically the only thing that differentiates him from Nathan, other than the palette, so I don’t see why this change wasn’t made. Four, doors were made wider in the back, and this one needs a little explaining.

There’s a glitch you can do with summons regarding how they move your vertical position during invulnerability frames. If you activate a screen transition while summoning something (this is a one-frame trick, so it’s rather difficult, but you have as many tries as you’re willing to take) your new vertical position is set to 0 (I assume it’s 0, anyways) which is above the ceiling of the room. You can then activate another transition to get back in bounds, and continue normal play, or activate it while summoning and continue playing above room ceilings.

The problem with the hack is doors. Normally, in Circle of the Moon, you can use a summon while above the ceiling to move Nathan to the vertical middle of the screen, and activate a horizontal transition regardless of whether a door was blocking your way or not. You can still activate horizontal transitions in this hack when there are no doors, but with the door there you’re SOL. This drastically changes the route of a glitched speedrun.

So you can’t use a summon (for example, Apollo and Golem, the cheapest one at 80 MP) the same frame as a vertical transition to force yourself above a room’s ceiling, then use it again over top of a door (for example, the door that the Last Key opens) to use the door’s horizontal transition. The ceiling part works, but the horizontal transition does not, if there’s a door. This fix prevents the player from cheesing the Dracula fight with Pluto and Black Dog from above the ceiling, or even reaching Dracula in the first place, as soon as you get your first two DSS cards. Instead you need to traverse, at the very least, the Observation Tower, which at a low level is exceedingly dangerous, and the Underground Waterway, since it is impossible to reach the end of the Observation Tower without the Roc’s Wing. To reach the Underground Waterway, since the horizontal transition ceiling warp is inconsistent and sometimes impossible, you need to go break the statues, which means going to the Chapel Tower. You can’t enter the Eternal Corridor without the wall kick, which means you need to enter the Machine Tower to get it, and that requires the Tackle, all because horizontal transition ceiling warps don’t work properly.

The whip spin sprites are a little weird as well, not being centered properly. But none of what I’ve listed is reason enough to not recommend playing this. If you like Hugh more than Nathan, you’ll be a little disappointed by the cutscene text, but the hack lets you play as Hugh, and that’s about all you could ask for.

Version 4.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Amanzing!Revitalized the game,but can i ask one more thing?Ralf13 Feb 20214.2Yes
Loved it.StarWyvern17 Dec 20194.2Yes
Good looking sprites, not great for glitched speedrunsGiga57129 Apr 20184.2Yes
Great hackMathUser292904 Jun 20164.1Yes