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DSVania Randomizer

Game Specific


DSVania Randomizer is a randomizer for the three DS Castlevania games:

It’s only compatible with the North American versions.

It has options to randomize:

  • Items/Skills
  • Portraits
  • Villagers
  • Maps
  • Enemy Locations
  • Boss Locations
  • Boss Souls
  • World Map Exits
  • Red Soul Walls
  • Starting Room
  • Enemy Drops
  • Enemy Stats
  • Enemy Animation Speed
  • Enemy Tolerances
  • Consumable Behavior
  • Weapon Behavior
  • Skill Behavior
  • Equipment Stats
  • Skill Stats
  • Weapon and Skill Elements
  • Shop Items
  • Weapon Synthesis
  • Wooden Chest Items
  • Background Music
  • Cutscene Dialogue
  • Player Sprites
  • Skill Sprites

It also comes with several optional game tweaks, such as fixing bugs from the original games, opening the world map in OoE, and revealing the locations of all breakable walls.

Download the latest version here:


User Review Information

The best Igavania Randomizer

Reviewed By: StarStalker on 26 Mar 2018

If you’re a fan of the Igavania games but you already played them so much that you know the castle layouts and the enemy drops/behavior by heart, then this is the perfect tool for you.

It has an extremely healthy amount of customization available to create either games with only minor detail or difficulty changes or just straight up compile a whole new castle for you to explore with entirely different characters to play as. And there’s even more coming up.

As for bugs and crashes, this tool will actually test your knowledge of the game’s inner workings and sometimes you’ll be stuck and think that’s a failure in the randomizer logic, but you might end up figuring out that a obscure trick or mechanic of the game(not glitches, unless you permit those to be a factor in the logic with the settings) will get you out of these situations very handily once you learn about it.

I’ve had the best fun I ever had with a Igavania while either playing randomized roms or watching other people struggle to complete theirs. It’s guaranteed a blast if you enjoy these games as much as I do. 100% recommend.

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The best Igavania RandomizerStarStalker26 Mar 20181.2Yes